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14. A Cake's Death At A B'Day Party! 11/6/2011

A Cake's Death At A B'Day Party!

No sooner than I was born
Iam sent to a slaughterhouse.
Oh! I can see death's horns
somewhere in a B'day house.

From what I hear
I gather that it is a He.
I did had a scare
when I went through that name.

Oh! They have arrived
- Iam on my way to death.
The kids seem to be enlightened
to see me and are licking their teeth.

Lights off! ! There comes the guy,
gives me a hungry grin,
takes the weapon (sigh) ,
.......pierces me with a beam.

I can hear a deathsong,
I can feel flowers from heaven,
I can feel a soothing tongue...

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