Norah Tunney

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Norah Tunney Poems

1. Fragmented 3/17/2016
2. Good Friday Madness 3/25/2016
3. In The Winter Of Your Life 4/3/2016
4. Yes One More Time 4/10/2016
5. Gordon 4/13/2016
6. One Breath 4/24/2016
7. So Broken And Yet So Alive 2/16/2017
8. The First Time You Saw Him 3/5/2017
9. Good Friday Jesus 4/14/2017
10. Dying Inside 4/16/2017
11. All Chocked Up 6/17/2017
12. Where Do I Find God? 7/19/2017
13. Old Slippers 7/20/2017
14. A Pair Of Old Pirates 1/7/2018
15. The Hermitage 4/24/2018
16. Empty Vessel 8/22/2017
17. Your One True Beautiful Self 8/22/2017
18. The Sadness Of Impermanence 8/22/2017
19. Death-The Final Ravishment 3/9/2017
20. The Monk 4/20/2016
21. A Man Of Substance 4/27/2016
22. When I Think Of You 4/12/2016
23. I Want To Die Loving 4/18/2016
24. A Terrible Love 3/25/2016
25. Where Are You Now Dad? 4/3/2016
26. Retreat 3/18/2016
27. Wow! 3/28/2016
28. A Quiet Place Behind A Door 4/2/2016
29. Unrobed 4/8/2016
30. Exquisite Loveliness 4/9/2016
31. A Lingering Fragrance 4/14/2016
32. A Place You Would Die To Feel 4/29/2016
33. Love Without Measure 4/22/2017
34. Addiction 4/23/2017
35. Change Is Coming On A Chill Wind 8/22/2017
36. Ravished By Life 7/23/2017
37. Who Could Ever Tie Her Down 7/10/2017
38. Sleep With The Angels 6/24/2017
39. The Heart-Breaking Beauty Of It All 6/17/2017
40. Don't Wait 4/18/2017

Comments about Norah Tunney

  • Bill Nicholson (10/5/2019 5:51:00 PM)

    Hi, Nora,
    Remember us, Jean and Bill, Lynn, massachusetts

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  • Susan Williams Susan Williams (3/17/2018 4:31:00 PM)

    Norah Tunney is a remarkable voice. Just read those intelligent, sensitive, and beautiful quotations she has posted...such as.''The awareness of death- gives life.'' and ''Nature quietens the mind and nourishes the heart.''. Those words give you a key into the heart and spirit of her soul and her writings. I recommend her poetry... I know I have enjoyed reading her. She has not been her for a couple of months and I miss her voice.

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Best Poem of Norah Tunney

Last Night I Held The World In My Arms

Last night I held the world
in my arms,
and my heart broke into
a thousands shards,
I cried rivers
and my body ached and shivered,
I gathered up every scrap of pain and grief
and carried it home to the great ocean of silence and peace,
we are not beings in a separate cell,
we are part and parcel of a magnificent star-shell.

Last night I fell asleep with the world in my arms
and today I cry from the depths of my being-
let me die from loving this beautiful world too much,
and forgive me if have hurt you along the way,
but I am just a poor ...

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Stretching across the vacancy
some faraway knowing
has tasted the opium
of this vastness,
this place before birth
in the ether of infinity,
this paradise of spaciousness

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