I Read The Poems Of Tagore For You Poem by Norah Tunney

I Read The Poems Of Tagore For You

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I read the poems of Tagore for you

I read the poems of Tagore for you
to calm the fevers and the chills,
but nothing took away the awful ache
and the sorrow that shook our bones,
We sat like two little children,
holding hands
and watching the fire
looking for some comfort
on those black winter nights,
sometimes the light of eternity
shone through the veil
and quietude softened
your ravaged face,
and in your gaze
the heartbreaking tenderness
of impermanence,
The world as we had known it
was ending
broken into tiny fragments
and with it all our cherished illusions,
I read the poems of Tagore for you.

Thursday, March 17, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: loss

The world we had known it was ending, humans changed...I read the poems of Tagore..Excellent!

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Glen Kappy 05 July 2017

so hi, norah! now that i'm aware of you from you commenting on a few of my poems, i'm starting to check out yours. this is the second i've read, and i'm looking forward to more. on this one i wonder about the you in this poem- who it is and whether this person was soon to pass. it brings to my mind the last minutes with my dad who passed while i was in his hospital room singing the few psalms i knew with jewish melodies. i wrote of the experience in my poem, how faint and elusive. gk

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Norah Tunney 21 July 2017

My husband in his last months Glen Loved hearing about your Dads passing and the psalms with Jewish melodies. Must check out your poem

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Daniel Brick 03 July 2017

After a terrible fall my best friend was put in an induced coma by his doctors and for weeks I read poems out loud to He and I have a special love for Chinese Poetry, and I read from anthology of 3000 years of Chinese poetry, a book he treasured. When he finally awoke, the brain damage has cruelly cut in mind apart. But every week I visit him in rehab, read poems, mine and others, and he makes a heart-breaking attempt to speak about them, but can't finish a sentence. Your beautiful poem reconciles me to this new role of friend I play. Your poem makes the Heart Chakra brighten and send forth healing rays. I'm going to read it to Paul, because on some level, he will understand the feeling the pours out of this poem.

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Norah Tunney 03 July 2017

Deeply moved by your words Daniel and the heartbreak of your beloveds friends attempt to respond to the poems you read. Yes my husband died of liver cancer shortly after this. Somehow reading Tagore's poems gave him comfort and strength.Many nights he quietly wept as I read. It was a very precious time those last weeks together. I lit a candle for your friend tonight may he find inner peace in the midst of his great tribulation. What an extraordinary mystery life is Daniel.

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Simone Inez Harriman 03 July 2017

A stunning write that portrays devastating loss and shock in it's vivid starkness. A resounding 10 and straight to my favorites.

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Barry Middleton 20 March 2016

A lovely poem on one of my frequently visited themes.

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Norah Tunney 23 March 2016

Thanks Barry

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Dev Anand 19 March 2016

sometimes the light of eternity shone through the veil and quietude softened. the heart breaking tenderness. cherished illusions. very fine expressions. thank you dear poetess.

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Norah Tunney 19 March 2016

Thank you Dev

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