Hamada Desert Poem by Octavian Cocos

Hamada Desert

Rating: 4.7

In this part of the world the land is dry
The lack of rainfall makes you go insane,
The mountain tops rise high into the sky
And the gray clouds attack the ridge in vain.

The wind removes the sand, leaving behind
A lot of stones, which from the ground protrude;
This type of desert is unique in kind
And I am walking in a pensive mood.

From time to time, a blade of grass sticks out
Looking so lost in this deserted space,
But even though it feels the heat and drought
It doesn't care and shows a happy face.

Up in the sky, the sun is red and hot
The flames emerging from its burning core
Now hit the Earth with a terrific shot
And scorch the desert surface more and more.

But when you think you're lost and pray on knees
Because it seems that you can't make it through
An oasis with fresh water and palm trees
Appears in front of you out of the blue.

Bri Edwards 20 October 2022

This is a very well written poem, but you must be pulling our legs. The blade of grass (and oasis) must have been a mirages or hallucinations. . bri : )

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Unnikrishnan E S 30 May 2021

The poet shows keen observation powers and immense poetic talent. The rhyme scheme is enjoyable. Loved the poem. Full score

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Kostas Lagos 29 May 2021

The desert. So wild yet so beautiful. Excellent poem

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