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Where there is love,
God dwells
Lovers respect their vows
Where there is love,

Your Eyes

I met your eyes, beautiful eyes
I fell in love with your eyes, true eyes

My rights go hand in hand with my responsibilities
My rights to having a perfect childhood
My responsibility to being a good child
A brighter and an excellent way to my adulthood

I wish your heart is as
Creamy as your body,
Would not mind being
Addicted to your sweetness

You raise my temperature,
Take me to a hot adventure,

Kiss kiss kiss
Even if she does not posses
Angelina Jolie's luscious lips
Take her imagination to ecstasy

I woke up late today with no ideas
I gulp alcohol from morning till late
I fantasize about money and girls all day
I live in town, I was born in town

Touch her lovely heart,
Not her smooth body.
Steal her attention,
Not her golden virginity.

I am just an innocent child
Yet you feed me your wild
Ideas of a deranged uncle
unaware of what you were playing

Learn and learn from your mistakes
Burn and burn you will feel if not
Never kneel and kneel before any man
Fight and fight for the good cause

Presidents against their own people
Leaders against their own people
They have deserted their own people
On their own the forgotten people

She is my one and only
special lady.
My one and only

Beautiful Ocean
But inside sharks are
Hungry to ruin.

It's my birthday
I hand myself to
Jesus Christ.

I hope you won't feel
Like you have slayed
Your life when you are
All grown and forty years

Dawn of a new day
Mosotho woman hopes for a ray
Of life to brighten her way
Degree in Life from Heaven University

The more vipers persecute
The more true Christians stay
Close to their God
The more true Jews stay

Job done, well done
Contract from the Lord expired
Duty to make His world
A better place beautifully done

Chameleon's tongue
On fire
Spits flames of fiction,

Let the rain be the judge
Surely it used to pour for everyone
But now…

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We were born to survive spiritually, physically and mentally, only if we accept our realities we can survive anything. Young Church is all about reality, teaching young people how to get out of any situation victorious. We should not let dark forces win and make us miserable.)

The Best Poem Of Young Church Poetry

God Is Love

Where there is love,
God dwells
Lovers respect their vows
Where there is love,
God pours life
Lovers through thick and thin
Where there is love,
God owns peace
Lovers fight and reconcile
Where there is love,
God plants happiness.

Where there is love,
Two together as one
Glowing moon and a star
Where there is love,
Two and then a family
All races like a river flow
Where there is love,
God created harmony
Eyes of the wealthy and unwealthy smile
Where there is love,
Mild wind whispers devotion.

***The Book of Passion (Till death do us apart)

Young Church Poetry Comments

Thapelo Lebesa 26 August 2014

great work of art, i see you show love and passion into poetry.

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sounds really great. you are showing your emotions nice. you will have great future in poetry. i invite you to read my poems. as a friendly look.

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Koena Mokoena 05 May 2012

It sound like you have been through a lot with this lady, hence you can go ahead & make her the happiest woman alive. Your correspondence will be highly appreciated. Have a nice day!

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Koena Mokoena 30 April 2012

I think this is about people like me, who are trying to be the best that they can be, hence i have lost my personal stuff.

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It is better to deal with the devil himself than to deal with a person pretending to be an angel.

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Young Church Poetry Popularity

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