Rome - 1 - Poem by Paolo Giuseppe Mazzarello

Rome - 1 -

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History of Old Rome by Theodor Mommsen.
Let's begin from its origins.
The mortgages did notexist.
The wife had her husband and did not belong to the State.
The creditor was owner of something.
The debitor became owner of that same thing only when had paid his creditor.
This way the distrains did not exist as well as the procurers.
A foreigner could become guest of a Roman citizen.
All the Roman inhabitants wore the same pattern of tunic.
The travertine blocks got the sun on the dry calctufe.
The peperino stones were less precious but very useful.

Rome - 1 -
Amy Douglass (Fifita) 13 January 2009

Good write. Wasn't this guy given a nobel prize for literature? Yeah I'm pretty sure it was him. I too am interested in classical studies. Keep it up.

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Onelia Avelar 08 November 2008

Your style remembers me an old annalist, from an ancient period of time when poetry was hold in esteem and almost obligatory if one want to show erudition.

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Patti Masterman 29 October 2008

Mr. Paolo, your poems are so bursting with color and movement, and contain so many dimensions. You are truly an aficionado of living, and a superior writer.

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Sarwar Chowdhury 28 October 2008

In short said a lot dear paolo! The origin and what has been going on...... The poem metaphorically captured many things too The Rome great indeed. 10+++++++

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Anjali Sinha 27 October 2008

The creditor -- The debitor -the mortgages _____some lessons in Accounting haan! ! ! ! great ROME +++++10 as always regards anju (do read mine OUR TALK)

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Bele Lele 30 August 2009

Wow....very nice way of presenting Rome, , , well done

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hi know how much i love Rome..and that old scented cities..well penned poem...

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Tina Marie Clark 11 April 2009

My Friend You Speak As A Roman, Your Poetry Is Time Sent It's A Great Vacation From The Ordinary!

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Sicelo Sithole 07 March 2009

A very nice description of some History of Rome...Well written Paolo

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Catrina Heart 06 February 2009

Amazingly written...a noble write...10

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