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1. You Are Dear To Me 9/7/2007
2. Always Stay Together 11/8/2007
3. Wife 11/8/2007
4. The Cries Of Today 12/6/2007
5. I Felt In Love With You 12/6/2007
6. Why Her Not Me...Why? 12/22/2007
7. Tragic Day In Mid Of December 12/22/2007
8. Please Forgive Me 1/10/2008
9. Prepare My Heart 2/3/2008
10. Moonbeams 3/26/2008
11. I Love You For You 12/26/2008
12. Your Amazing 12/26/2008
13. Love Of Lasting Kind 10/17/2007
14. I Lost The One I Love 12/26/2008
15. My First Love 2/3/2008
16. Goodbye 1/30/2008
17. Hurt 2/3/2008
18. Enough For Me 10/17/2007
19. Somewhere, Somehow 10/17/2007
20. I'M Sorry 1/10/2008
21. Love Is The Beauty Of Soul 1/2/2008
22. Lesson 2/3/2008
23. If We Cant Beloved, Let Me Be Your Friend 10/20/2007
24. I Love You Forever 1/10/2008
25. Tears Of Happiness 10/20/2007
26. Another Time, Another Place 9/28/2007
27. Get Well Soon! 12/25/2007
28. A Beautiful Woman 12/22/2007
29. Deep Within My Heart 11/8/2007
30. I Find I'M Missing You 12/6/2007
31. I'M Sorry I'M Just A Human 1/10/2008
32. I Love You 1/2/2008

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Best Poem of Patrice James

I Love You

I've often think of the question you've asked me.
Why do I love you? why do I like you? why you?
Here goes sweetie.
It's the beauty of your smile; it's everything that you do.
For I see happiness when I look at you.
The way you Sing, your wonderful voice,
The way you laugh, or simply how you blink.
The love I feel when you smile
A love to keep me warm through the coldest of nights.
How you make me feel, how you open up my heart.
All the hopes that you bring right from the start.
How your tender love you show to other's
can put me in a daze.
I love you...

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Tears Of Happiness

I want you to know, i never felt this way before,
you will see that this will be a perfect harmony.
to have you near me by my side, I swear I'll make you mine.
and I felt alright when you kissing me goodnight.
and I will always standing by your side.
I may say yes to loneliness
I might dropp some tears, but this tears turn into happiness.

I saw you passing by, I told you why the love

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