Fathers And Sons Poem by Patricia Denise Newman

Fathers And Sons

Rating: 5.0

A son sits by his father with questions in his eyes
The father looks down at his son, his pride he can't disguise.
There comes a time when every son must leave his father's care
and venture out into the world to see what happens there.

'Everything that I have learned has come from watching you,
every thought I comprehend from what you say and do.
The time has come for me to go and find my way alone,
your guiding hand will help me make decisions of my own.'

The father then enfolds his son into a fond embrace,
he cannot stop the silent tears that slide across his face.
Bitter-sweet the memories of all the years now past,
the little boy is now a man - the time has gone too fast.

'My son always remember in everything you do,
that I am here, at any time, to help and guide you through.
Life can at times be difficult; the road is sometimes rough,
but, with our love and guidance, you are strong and wise enough.'

The son then left his father and the home he'd always known
to face the world of new, exciting challenges alone;
all fears and apprehensions he determined to ignore,
and set out on his new life upon a distant shore.

The father, in his wisdom, knows that in the years to come,
his son will understand the truth of all he's said and done,
and maybe in the future, when experience has wrought,
his son will teach a grandchild everything that he's been taught.

John Brown 21 May 2015

What a lovely poem. I like this Patricia.

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Chinedu Dike 28 November 2022

Insightful line written with conviction

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Congratulations, dear poet. This poem is the POD member today. Good poem, deserves the recognition

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D.N. Rebb 25 November 2022

That is just so well written. And is true at any given generation. (my father to me or myself to my son; and so on) . It left me teary-eyed!

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Jayne Louise Davies 25 November 2022

Great poem! A well deserved POD. Well done x

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LeeAnn Azzopardi 25 November 2022

I love this thought-provoking piece Bravo Top 5

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