The Death Of Queen Elizabeth 11 Poem by Patricia Newman

The Death Of Queen Elizabeth 11

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Our nation mourns the loss of our Queen
she was our constant light
these days of sadness, grief and pain
she is gone now from our sight

She journeyed from her beloved home
in Scotland's beautiful land
and rejoined her family waiting here
in sorrowful England

Crowds of people lined the route
in sunshine and in rain
to gain a last glimpse of their gracious Queen
whom they would never see again

Elizabeth, our greatest Queen
served us for 70 years
her wisdom, duty, smile and grace
cheered us and calmed our fears

Through years of conflict, times of strain
she steered a steady mile
in happier times she shared with us
celebrating in true style

By her subjects, young and old
she will be sorely missed
familiar to us as our family
whom we have loved and kissed

We will not see her like again
nor one has ever been
she leaves us now, gone to her rest
a true and loving Queen

This is my tribute to our great Monarch who served this country for 7 decades, keeping a promise she made to us on the occasion of her 21st birthday.
Sylvia Frances Chan 20 December 2022

5 Stars Top Sdcore dear poetess. I have enjoyed tremendously this dedication to the late Queen

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Sylvia Frances Chan 20 December 2022

Her Majesty The Queen is not only an excellent queen, but her belief in God Almighty is greatest. A true follower of God. I love her for that!

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Nabakishore Dash 28 September 2022

A very well crafted tribute indeed dear Patricia.

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Jayne Louise Davies 27 September 2022

She was a true inspiration to us all xx Rest In Peace our lovely queen x A wonderful tribute Patricia.

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