You'Ve Got To Love Candy Bars Poem by Paula Glynn

You'Ve Got To Love Candy Bars

Rating: 4.8

I just love candy bars,
I will eat Snickers, Kitkats and Mars Bars,
I have no particular preference,
As long as it is a candy bar.
Chocolate tastes lush on the tongue,
You feel so innocent and young,
Chocolate and candy for both sexes,
But pure chocolate is particularly,
Pleasing on the tongue,
And no matter the fad diet,
Every - and any - candy bar,
Saves those cravings:
Satisfying any hunger pain.

Opening a box of chocolates,
Is heaven, whether white, milk or dark,
And any filling is lush,
Sneakily plucking out those mini,
chocolates, that taste so delicious,
On the tongue, and before you know it,
All the chocolates are gone,
And the worst thing is,
You were on your own!

Those candy bars are a temptation,
And even when broke,
You always have the money,
For a candy bar,
And you stand in the queue,
Knowing everyone in line,
Can see what you're about to buy,
And you try to hide those candy bars,
But looking down it is obvious,
And you just lie,
Saying they're for your younger sister:
Someone has to be the scapegoat!

You get given boxes of chocolate,
At Christmas, and you enjoy Mars Bars,
Snickers, Kitkats, Aero & galaxy:
The list goes on,
Chocolate is so addictive,
You crave that candy bar,
Like a junkie that craves a shot,
The only thing is you're gaining weight,
Not misery, for chocolate is a must,
It is an addiction, a way of life,
It cannot be ignored,
When on the isle shelf,
It cannot be ignored,
When next to the crisps,
But do remember this: you're only human,
And a litte of what you fancy does you good.

Jayne Louise Davies 25 January 2023

I feel peckish just reading this! Well written Paula! Think ill take a peek in the fridge : )

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LeeAnn Azzopardi 25 January 2023

After reading yr poem, Paula, I want some too Bravo tfs

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Kim Barney 05 September 2015

Ah, I love candy bars, too. Mars and Snickers are my favorites. I can actually buy Snickers and KitKats here in Brazil, but have not seen Mars bars. Well written. Thanks for sharing.

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Colleen Courtney 06 June 2014

Haha! Love this sweet poem! And that last line is so utterly perfect! Key words being a little! Wonderful write, so much fun to read!

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Gajanan Mishra 04 June 2014

good writing, I like it, thanks. please read my poems and comment.

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