A Secret Whisper Poem by Pete Crowther

A Secret Whisper

Rating: 4.6

I rarely go by bus but when I do
For safety’s sake I choose a seat well back.
Today the bus was crowded like a zoo,
My seat companion wore a plastic mac,
He looked quite foreign, dark, and rather nervous.
To break the ice I said “It’s very warm”,
He rolled his eyes and said that God would save us,
Began to rant and wildly wave his arm.
I looked around but no-one seemed to notice,
And I am jammed against the window, blocked,
So can’t get past this madman now at prayer
Intoning loudly “God will not be mocked”.
To calm him down I asked “Why are you here? ”
“Suicide bomber”, he whispered in my ear.

***** ********* 10 December 2005

OMG! ! Peter, rofl Everyone's worst nightmare travelling companion for sure! rofl Sorry it was very funny though! Now that is what I call dealing with a difficult topic. 10 from creased up Tai

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Velvet Thorn 16 December 2005

Very scary, Peter. This one gave me the creeps. Therefore, I loved it. VT

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Mia Ocean 01 February 2006

Is this a true story? ? ? ? ! ! ! ! That was pretty scary! I loved it!

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Kihindei Adai 04 February 2006

Now you see, that is why I don't ride buses. Between the suicide bombers and the people that snatch your gold chains off as you exit and the bus pulls off....it's just not safe!

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Emma Johnson 14 February 2006

You portray the sense of entrapment and looming danger very vividly. Ten. Susie.

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Rene Bennett 02 March 2007

Wow! Brilliant! ! I never expected the ending and it was a total surprise. You are an excellent writer! ! (Seriously) Rene'

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Robert Howard 26 November 2006

Pardon me while I take a moment to uncringe. Eek, and I have to hop a plane in the morning. Glad you got off the bus safely and were able to tingle our spines with your artistry.

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Original Unknown Girl 05 October 2006

Oh the buses of Hull eh? ? You take your life into your own hands when you take this particular mode of transport.... ha ha! ! Good read Peter! HG x

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Moon Batchelder 04 October 2006

what a delightful poem...i don't know if i was s'posed to - but it made me tickle and gave me a smile...especially that whisper line...

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Arline Richards 25 April 2006

i understand exactly what ur talkin bout in this poem!

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Pete Crowther

Hull, East Yorkshire, England
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