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A Camera Has The Trick Of Freezing Time

Rating: 4.2

The photo’s small and rather creased but there
We are, a family group in black and white.
A camera has the trick of freezing time.
We’re posed before a boat outside our house,
It is to be a sort of caravan
For holidays. It has a cabin newly built
Upon a hull that’s often sailed the Humber.
Each one of us is smiling in the sun.
The cabin’s shadow says it’s afternoon,
The trees’ and hedgerow’s leaves proclaim it spring.

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Rene Bennett 22 July 2005

So beautifully breathtaking writing! I too look at old photographs yet, never saw things the way you have so elegantly pen in this piece. What an amamzing thought. I will never look at my old pictures in the same mind frame. Thank you! Rene'

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shehla carol 09 July 2005

what a wonderful poem it was.it touched my heart! i think the same way but never thought so deeply about it.u 've turned abstract ideas into words so well.it is going to be one of my favourite poems and i 've added it in my favourite list.

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Lynn Cowman 13 June 2005

Such a Picture Too, that you have given us here, I like how you have described what you see, so that we too may see the picture, that the camera has frozen in time... Lynn ~

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Raynette Eitel 17 May 2005

At first glance, this poem seems simple; yet the scenes you chose to display, like what a photographer does when he aims his camera, are important, even after fifty years. Thanks for letting us have a look! Raynette

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Philippa Lane 18 March 2005

I found this poem very touching. A snapshot of a family...it underlined for me the importance of families. I liked the way you wrote it.

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Brian Jani 29 June 2014

cameras are one of the greatest inventions.they changed life as we know iy

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Original Unknown Girl 05 October 2006

What a lovely read Peter..... thanks for your comments on mine! It was Cave Castle actually! ! One much closer to home! : -) Humber Girl x

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Scarlett Treat 05 February 2006

How many times have I wondered, 'Was my hair really that dark? ' or 'Was my mother ever young? ' and the frozen pieces of time help this old mind to remember. How marvelous to see your family in my mind, and to know that little blond haired boy! Linda

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Lee Tran 30 October 2005

You captured it like a National Geographic journalist with these details of family and life in general...Beautifully penned Mr. Crowther! !

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John Tiong Chunghoo 13 August 2005

crowhere, the title of the poem iself is so good.

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