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I must get onto Facebook,
And share my every whim;
Tell people when I've had a shit,
Or just been down the Gym;
I'd open up my heart and soul,
And spread eternal joy;
And tell the world how much I wanked,
When I was just a boy.

Id fill my site with Happy Thoughts,

And even product placing,
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Friday, July 25, 2014
Topic(s) of this poem: funny
Kim Barney 26 August 2015

This is hilarious! I've been thinking of getting my own Facebook page just to promote my poems, but now I think, why? If nobody ever reads them but me and my posterity, that's o.k.

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Very entertaining indeed. A very good expression of one's own way of looking at the social media and the personal choice one is free to have. Thanks for sharing. Great flow of the language.

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Jak Black 18 February 2015

Great stuff. Liked the humour, the rhyme and rhythm made it so easy to read. Think you shared a secret or two of your own in this one though. Ha ha. Well done Phil.

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Rakhi Jayashankar 12 May 2015

Three cheers to someone who thinks the same way as I do Facebook should. Change the name to fakebook where people fake their thoughts and life Nice humour insightful idea

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Karl Mcareavey 28 April 2015

My sentiments exactly Phil....thought I was the only one who had better things to do than publish my mundane daily tasks to all and sundry....funny :)

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Subhojit Kar 04 May 2017

Asserting your uniqueness and individuality using sarcasm and wit. A great piece.

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Daniel Jones 06 March 2017

many of the reasons i quit Facebook 2 months ago, great poem, made me laugh. thanks again Phil

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So true and o so funny...but I'm very careful about my postings, ,

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Warden Vukeya 19 October 2016

wow, I never thought so much could be said about Facebook. This is a real talent.

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Manonton Dalan 19 January 2016

hehehehhehe...if you share your food pictures they'll love you too

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