M. Asim Nehal Philosophical Poems

On Life - Some Philosophical Thoughts.

As I walk through life alone, I wonder
What you must be thinking about me,
My LIFE...That, am I trying to escape,
Or to take you for granted?

Senryu -Philosophical

A Futile Search - Philosophical

Since ages, the clot of blood
And the bones covered with flesh
Nicely smoothen with skin
Asked the Almighty, Who I am?

Senryu- Music - Philosophical

Philosophical ~ Life's Journey Quartain

We keep peddling the empty promise
For the life of prosperity
to soothe the wounds of the heart
Heart respites no mercy until the bitter end.

Ponder - Philosophical

Do not love me - Since I love you
Do not worship me - Since I created you
Do not blame me - For your wrong doings
Do not curse me - That I gave this life

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