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Now, the fountains are dry
The hills claim upon Summer
- Lest, all daffodils cry
For a draught, to be fancy dreamer.

Like a tale whereof thou dwell I love thee
Had I nought ever, nor cult yesterday too
Yet I unwrought today by self to be
For thou hast tale where birds woo

Not to touch, not to climb!
Its breakable for tender limb!
I would claim upon every fellow
As mellow fruits grew yellow.

Day's thirsty men utter they will die in dryness
And moan for night, when all fairness come in disguise
Why do they not lament for water in stress
When only the Lotus live lives to amaze

His puppy doll may lose way
O Sun, feed it with thy ray
All are back to home, this eve
Know, Shyam will never leave

There was a pond dried with summer heat
Where grew Kashful, long, too long to play;
Under the azure skies, near our school
Happily we spent days beyond the clay- -

O come, say, no more days to wait
O high land lass, bait again!
Let portrait thy land by thy trait
And go all shadows of pain.

The beach is with its summer face
There utmost pleasure of mankind
The tides are in their race
And happy, are all mind

O thou, clever one of winged beings
Thou art very much fleeting
Whene'er see I thee on wings;
When, on the air thou floating

Life is changing forward; for, it's long -
No one can deny fine life changes,
But worse changes are bitter than better,
You should, yet, adjust the both

Respect, for, it'll give you same sustenance
Respect, for, due dot of love ne'er finished
Respect, for, it'll make many a flowers dance
Respect, otherwise it'll give pain in you

Under the cloudy sky stood I alone
Gazing at flying falcons
One by one they were descending down
Some cows, anxious of their frown.

God, thou hast sent messengers again and again
in age to ages
to the pitiless world- -
They, went saying 'Forgive all', went saying 'Love-

Never I will forget the way
Dusty and broken almost,
I will never good-bye the day
First I stepped at the school;

From distance I thought in mind- -
Thou art unconquerable, pitiless;
the Earth trembles by thy regimen.
Thou, the Horror,


Where justice's true lance stretched to success
Where begone truth blooms within veiled night
Where minds not dissipate their value in flirt stress
Where does bravery seek in truth it's exact place, or fight.

Pretty night wore it's veil
Tweet, Tweet- - twittering birds
Said, 'All they had but nothing'
When day came still


None of us, not you nor I
O Friends! would see the earth forever
Nor tryst of pleasure ever tie
The commons, instead fever

I remember you, remember-
And those gusty trees await, still,
Tears glide to the sea, although;
So, fate fears no bill

Pijush Biswas Biography

Pijush Biswas is author of two books -" Some Suitable Words " and " Sobinoy" . His books are published by self through " power-publishers" in Kolkata, February,2018 and both the books together contain total 68 poems and are reserved by poet.Also his some bengali poems like " A Desh" , " Doshyu Cheler Kotha" are published in a local small magazine " Sahitya Sathi" . He passed B. A in 2008 from 'Dinabandhu Mahavidyalaya', Bongaon and passed M.A in 2010 from 'D.B.S College', Kanpur. Pijush Biswas is a great poet in English and Bengali languages.He is very possessive, gentle and polite. Almost he has studied every person's life and gainings that considerably he feels himself a king.Great imaginative powers of his thinking are vivid in most of his writings. He doesn't like to stay alone. Even he has great reading power which is reflected on India after reading his 'Shrimatvagbat', 'Gita' and 'Mahabharata'.Also he is pursuing the time to read 'Bible'. He has read books of Emily Bronte, Charlotte Bronte, Anne Bronte. He has completed Anne Frank's 'The Diary Of A Young Girl' reading in a month. He has Plato's 'The Republic'. He has Shakespeare's sonnet series.Mostly being inspired by Wordsworth, Keats, Robert Frost he has bought all of them. He likes Emily Bronte's 'Wuthering Heights' and already it read by him. He was born on 5 October,1986 in Srirampur, Nadia, West Bengal, India; but '12 July,1988' is his birthday as officially certified by school. He has great interest in writing poems both in English and Bengali languages.By one decade he pursued widely the education. Pijush's poetic career began with a influence of his personal love-life.He began writing since October,2012. His Family: Pijush is the only son of his parents.His father's name is Manoranjan Biswas, was a businessman and mother is Popi Biswas, a home-maker. Pijush Biswas's mother is from Manoranjan Bain's family and Bain's second daughter. Bain was a businessman and a owner of some lands which later decreased in number by his son and some of which Pijush's mother came into comfortable inheritance by a small money transaction. Manoranjan Bain's wife Sabitry Bain was very careful about their four daughters and one son from their childhood. His Believe: Pijush believes in the existence of Gods.Even he himself possesses their power partly in belief that is so called by him.He mentions some of the ancient Muses named Erato[Love poetry], Polyhymnia[Hymns], Euterpe[Music, Song and Lyric poetry] whom he believes in often, moreover giving emphasis on Saraswati; but the Muses who guide him as he believes and named by him are " Glossary" and " Fietta" .He believes that they increase his sentiment and inspire to think.All over he is Hindu in religion. Early Career: Though he got a services at a local govt. primary school in 2008, he could not continue his services there as Para-teacher, only because he was then in under graduation course to complete and some mental pressures which made him suffer did not let him go out of it. Present Life: He passed 'Teacher Eligibility Test' in 2011, held by 'The West Bengal School Service Commission' and obtained certificate with 57 marks out of 90 marks total. Having got services in a govt. aided school in 2013 he was shifted to Gazole, Malda, West Bengal as professional teacher where he has rented a little home to stay.There he lived with his mother for early 4 years as he was unmarried and father was recently died on 25 December,2015.Later he lived there alone though occasionally he came home at Srirampur to meet his mother. Now he is not attending his school for some political and previous health problems. Since 18 December,2013 to 30 February,2018 he continued his services at that govt. school as assistant school teacher. Now he is at his home, Srirampur, Nadia living with his mother and started and continuing his own home shop. Incidents: Pijush Biswas is mainly vegetarian, but often he eats non-veg food in some occasions. He likes popcorn and cold-drinks only. He is casual in clothings at home. But he mostly likes western style of dresses. Besides he wears Bengali cultural dresses. Permanent Address: [Vill-Srirampur, P.O-Rajarmath, P.S-Chakdaha, Dist-Nadia, State-West Bengal, Country-India, PIN-741223]. Distance between his home and city Kolkata is only 75 KM. Mobile No: 6297615473. Email: pijushbiswas777@gmail.com. Marital Status: Pijush Biswas is still now unmarried, for an unsuitable love affair. When he was 15 years old, one girl came in his life and they began to love each - other, but later the affair broke for some distance between the places different they lived in. But it had gone a long time that Pijush is not related with any girl and these are 15 years that he has been single. Now he is 32 years old at the end of 2019 and thinking to be religious, and he worships three Hindu main deities " Shri Krishna " , " Shri Ganesha " and " Goddess Saraswati " , for he has decided not to marry in life. About Publications: The poet permits his publications for educational purposes only in USA, France, India, and China.)

The Best Poem Of Pijush Biswas

As I Wander To Seek Beauty

Now, the fountains are dry
The hills claim upon Summer
- Lest, all daffodils cry
For a draught, to be fancy dreamer.

Amid them casually I wander
- To seek their beauty.
It seems, none but a plunderer
Wanted them lie, pity.

Neither they awake nor sleepy
My hands try them to touch
- Oh! all daffodils are floppy;
And realize, it was too much.

So I make a unique plan
To see upright their bowing head
- So I do sprinkle water main
And tread them with light tread.

Hence, I pray to Heaven for rain
To give forth life to their lives
Or, impulse the bees to obtain
Honey, for their hives.

Even, the Heaven is proud of it!
Even so responsible alike-
Continuous rain, at least
Make the weakening day meek.

So hills, fountains, daffodils, bees
All, that night, come in my dream
To say-'O dear, let us never miss
To be in your magical whim.'

[Published in his self-published book "Some Suitable Words", in 2018]

Pijush Biswas Comments

Prabir Gayen 21 February 2019

You are a very good poet with exceptional merit...God bless you

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sadaf 27 October 2018

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Pijush Biswas Quotes

'Different languages endow men with different qualities, Indifferently different qualities endow men with different thoughts'

'Do not stand gentle beside fire Do not go gentle to battle Of desire; let desire rattle Into your fire-eyes'.

'A birth in humanity, a supreme birth A death in humanity, a rare death All great men are great in humanity All great men aren't fond of pity Humanity gives human race a divine touch So 'tis better less inhumanity and humanity much'

'Every poet's mind is soft ground of soil Every poet is a plant born out of real soil Every poem is unique fruit of that plant Every plant and every fruit needs reckoning hands'.

'Every scientific creation is reflection to it's creator's mind Every creation resembles and demands to it's creator's thoughts Every creation is oneself a replica nearer to it's creator'.

'Education is as just as roof of our house; If it ever be leak, sorrow is alike to spill into our society'.

'Children's inattentiveness is common in classroom; so, an effective classroom always demands on a teacher an effective manipulation'

'If dream comes wrong, and truth fades under veil 'Tis better work than silent moaning on it silently; '

'A truest beauty, in truth, a pebble does have When it lays alone, and the sea shouts in disgust Against it's trifling figure, but it's thankfulness lave The rage, - so the sea, truely, returns it all must.'

'Love in like and hate in dislike- eternal game of family 'Tis purest way of life- 'tis better query about one To see further, if one does have mind holy.'

'A death in unity- a death, shining in heaven forever A death in unity returns our thankfulness ever.'

'Famous is famous when fame avoids in bad odour'

'If we care little about it, love stands itself as a trap'

'To stay ungrateful every breathe is but life dimmed A life, believed in Him, always a precious gem'

'Truth always speaks about beauty, beauty truth always In truth always return our darling Mays'

'Indeed a life is life when thankfulness listens to hem If little all thou dost care, is life untrimmed.'

'A momentous approaching is preferable than cry, When much failure often touches our bones Or, the destiny deviates us from path of life.'

'Life is a journey to Heaven Or Hell; Although the journey itself stands a Heaven in happiness, Hell in woe mundanely'

'A child has no habit, His/Her first habit is his/her first realization of joy in life'

'A suddenly born child's cry is not his/her hereditary habit, but a response to new environment'.

'Every poet sings one song, And truth, being it's theme gives it immortality'.

'Every poem is itself a life, It lives in reader's eagerness, It talks in reader's emotion, It feebles in reader's inattentiveness, But never dies for oneness'.

'Beauty never blind us'.

'If love is generated in a tyrannic mind, it can itself enrich as a lover'.

'- - Our truest beauty is not external, but inner And the beauty seeks beauty, except in war'.

'Love is not like a bottle into which a lover's mind may remain captured for long time, but may be with the cleanliness of it'.

'If you want to be great in life, keep the past in mind, follow the present and imagine the future'.

'To a great man's life past is basement, present is walls and future is roof; hence, the house that these make is his fame'.

'Our truest treasure is to expose ourselves as a world'

'Life is just a canvas given by the God and we obtain marks upon what we portray on it'

'Water is holy ofcourse, yet measure the depth of water of the pond to ensure your return'

'Love is the best food; nothing is nutritious else love'

'Once if you lose your shadow in darkness and jostle, its not a lose but a trial to make a big one'

'An acute judgement is preferable than comfortable bed'

'Jealousy is the utmost weakness'

'Quest and questioning is the primary wealth of a student'

'Though no body comes before your door, never forget to close it in time, otherwise you can lose two apples from your basket or be loser of life for whole'

'Promise only when you are true lover, and if your opposite breaks it, someone another must come in future to glue it again'

'Nature speaks in silence, and plays in sound'

'If there is no light in a mansion, then a little hut is better with a lamp'

'Love is the breathe of wistfulness'

'Always a thorny tree lives well as it has extra prerogative'

'Our educational system is an external makeup to be grand in society'

'Don't be mean in mind, just sustain your work; hope, you will be one among ten'

'Don't be star fallen to the ground, be a fallen star who falls from one skies and rises in another'

'Foe is friend, for he stands at your way and obstructs; but makes you realize to seek another that is your own at all'

'Fly in the sky, but never occupy sky color; it may be difficult to recognize you from ground'

'A lamp enlarges it's flame when blow comes from one direction, and dies in multiple'

'History not only teaches us past but cultivates present also'

'Writing is easy if you have mind, first try with one hand, hence the both; you must occupy the capacity'

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Pijush Biswas Popularity

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