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Pijush Biswas is author of two books -" Some Suitable Words " and " Sobinoy" . His books are published by self through " power-publishers" in Kolkata, February,2018 and both the books together contain total 68 poems and
are reserved by poet.Also his some bengali poems like " A Desh" , " Doshyu Cheler ...

Pijush Biswas Poems

Sonnet17: Like A Tale Whereof Thou Dwell I Love Thee

Like a tale whereof thou dwell I love thee
Had I nought ever, nor cult yesterday too
Yet I unwrought today by self to be
For thou hast tale where birds woo

A Dear Tree

Not to touch, not to climb!
Its breakable for tender limb!
I would claim upon every fellow
As mellow fruits grew yellow.

As I Wander To Seek Beauty

Now, the fountains are dry
The hills claim upon Summer
- Lest, all daffodils cry
For a draught, to be fancy dreamer.

A Ballad Of The Road In Village

Day's thirsty men utter they will die in dryness
And moan for night, when all fairness come in disguise
Why do they not lament for water in stress
When only the Lotus live lives to amaze

Cradle Song

His puppy doll may lose way
O Sun, feed it with thy ray
All are back to home, this eve
Know, Shyam will never leave

Pijush Biswas Quotes

12 November 2014

'Different languages endow men with different qualities, Indifferently different qualities endow men with different thoughts'

12 November 2014

'Do not stand gentle beside fire Do not go gentle to battle Of desire; let desire rattle Into your fire-eyes'.

12 November 2014

'A birth in humanity, a supreme birth A death in humanity, a rare death All great men are great in humanity All great men aren't fond of pity Humanity gives human race a divine touch So 'tis better less inhumanity and humanity much'

12 November 2014

'Every poet's mind is soft ground of soil Every poet is a plant born out of real soil Every poem is unique fruit of that plant Every plant and every fruit needs reckoning hands'.

18 November 2014

'Every scientific creation is reflection to it's creator's mind Every creation resembles and demands to it's creator's thoughts Every creation is oneself a replica nearer to it's creator'.

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Prabir Gayen 21 February 2019

You are a very good poet with exceptional merit...God bless you

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