Let Me, For Once, Move Alone Poem by Piyush Dey

Let Me, For Once, Move Alone

Rating: 4.8

The day has bloomed as it had
promised last night,
A little hope and a little malice
has it brought with it upon it's shoulders,
And i with drowsy reveries
keep asking for the things, which
I dare I may never possess,
Today, the day has bloomed as it had
promised last night,
And the sun has dawned upon
my shoulder and my heart has
touched your feet, my father,
I know, my father, as you
told me years ago when I was more
younger and innocent, that
Life is but a journey and we ought
to move on, But, you may not be
knowing this, that-
this sunshine which has just reached
my home has come today but with a
purpose, as promised, it has come
to take her away from me,
I try to forbid it but-
I am too poor to forbid, my father,
You told me years ago
that life is but a journey,
But i am fearful, now that
she shall not be with me, now
i have to move on, my father,
alone and disheartened,
No one is here to console me
and no one to share
some tears with me, my father,
You told me years ago that life
is but a journey,
So, my strength, my father, lead me,
guide me, Oh my father,
into that vast sea of universe,
Let me for once feel its lost sweet
touch, plunge me into the deepest
So that, I may never become weak
and soft-hearted, my father,
Let me, for once, move alone....

Saturday, March 21, 2015
Topic(s) of this poem: poetry
Allotey Abossey 24 June 2015

Sometimes such happen in life and we've got to gather strength to move on... There's a better tomorrow. Stay blessed

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Deepak Kumar Pattanayak 28 March 2015

A very poignant one scripted with touching words........amazing piece expressed very passionately.....10

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Valsa George 23 March 2015

I can feel the sense of loneliness and frustration you experience at the moment! But it is a fleeting phase! You 'll definitely be able to get over this initial disappointment and move forward with hope and strength! As your father has said... ' Life is an onward journey'! So keep moving!

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Madathil Rajendran Nair 22 March 2015

A very touching poem. My prayers for your peace. May God render you brave to move ahead. (10)

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Rajnish Manga 21 March 2015

May this prayer of yours is conceded and you are granted strength to take on the demon of loneliness after the departure of someone close to your heart. Sombre, heartfelt, benign. Thanks.

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