*0005 Impossible Dream Poem by John Knight

*0005 Impossible Dream

Rating: 2.5

This is a 'Flowing Acrostic' in which he narrative picks up the acrostical words - while at the same time maintaining the metre with lines of approximately co-syllabic. This gives the poem flow and balance.

! mpossible that's why it's a dream

M ake it real - dream it and then make it

P ossible! All dreams can come true if we

O vercome life's difficulties - that is the

S ecret - the difference between failure and

S uccess! People around us try to squeeze us

I nto their mould - to make us just like them!

B elieve you can do it - take charge of your own

L ife and resolve to always strive for the

E xcellence you know you can achieve!

D are to 'Dream the Impossible Dream' and

R ealise those impossible aims and objectives

E xperience the joy of breaking free from

A ll the things and circumstances that hold you back

M ake yourself the Person - God created you to be! ! !

John Knight - Still Dreamin' - 11 March 2011

Cristina Teodor 30 April 2011

An invitation to challenge our lives with beliefs and experience in order to make the 'impossible dream' come true. Great poem..Cristina Teodor

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