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I am barefoot walking in the grass of morning,
The dew drops are comforting my feet,
I felt relieved by my stress and grief,
When i heard your voice in the grass rustling.

When a man loves a woman,
He'll cherish his happiness with her,
Fulfiling her life with joy,
Showing his love day by day.

I am a woman,
And i have a sensitive soul,
My heart do enjoy the poetry,
My heart is my consciousness,

It's raining, it's quiet, only i can hear the rain,
Freshness of air is invading my breath,
The echo of drops falling, the purity of the sky,
It's giving me peace and relieves my pain.

I'm looking at the sky, so peaceful, so sublime,
This peace invading my being when,
Are shining serene to my heart,
Your beautiful brown eyes.

Once upon a time was a wild flower,
Living in the mountains nearest sky and stars,
Other side of world was a young man living,
Seeking for the happiness of his life.

I'm walking on the street and a lot of people passing by,
I'm just in a middle of a crowd and suddenly i felt shivers on my spine,
I met his eyes and i want to keep on walking,
But i've noticed my body didn't responding.

Coming from our experience,
Made of uniqueness,
Truth is the mankind option,
Seeking the truth is a matter of life.

When i close my eyes and think,
I remember the dreams that i had,
Against all memories and past,
To me you are a forbidden love.

When the morning coming and i' m opening my eyes,
I want to see your face and your amazing eyes,
Your smile to wrap me in happiness and joy,
I want to wake up with you.

Staying young and looking young,
Is not always a boon,
Life is going, it is true,
But we grow in spirit with it too.

Outside it's raining and i'm watching at my window,
In silence of the world, only the dance of rain i could feel,
My thoughts are in torment of questions and answers,
Only the rain knows what i need.

I am a woman, using a mirror everyday,
Like all of you, i'm seeing my reflection into it,
Even i am sad, happy, tired or bored,
What i'm seeing in my mirror it's my physical reality, my own truth.

Come with me to the edge of the world,
Let's go there where sunset is touching the horizon,
Where is only silence and peace,
There is a place just for us, for you and me.

.Nature around me, leaves rustling in the wind,
Dewy green grass in mornings, under my steps,
To breathe deeply the fresh, pure air of forest i enjoy.
I listen the twitter of birds that i so much adore,

Do you hear the rain drops on your window?
Do you feel the wind touching your body?
Do you feel the sun smiling to your face?
Do you hear the birds singing?

If you were a flower in my garden,
I wish i were the rain that touches your leaves,
I would whisper how beautiful you are with every rain drop,
And even that would never be enough.

I am shut down in my own heart,
And all its little doors are closed to me,
I am alone with my thoughts,
Living in my world of silence and melancoly.

What flower do i want to be?
I ask myself in garden of the world,
In front of it i humble contemplate,
Amazed by beautiness that lies in it.

I want to be a cloud above you,
To travel in the world,
To be on highest sky,
Nearest stars and moon.

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My name is Cristina Teodor. I adore poetry and i like so much to express myself through poems.It is nice for me to read poems, to compose or to share my ideas with people.I also like to draw and to do oil paintings, bring me happiness.In order to improve my poems do not hesitate to comment and to tell me what do you feel reading my poems, and to share your opinion with me.Thank you for stopping by.)

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Magic Lies In Silence Of Grass And In Your Voice

I am barefoot walking in the grass of morning,
The dew drops are comforting my feet,
I felt relieved by my stress and grief,
When i heard your voice in the grass rustling.

I lie down on grass and i could feel its silence,
I close my eyes and i enjoyed your voice,
The smell of grass was taken on the wings of wind,
Magic lies in silence of grass and in your voice.

Is amazing how much miracle stays in a blade of grass,
Opening my eyes i saw above the sky,
There was your face among the clouds smiling,
I had the feeling that i want to hug the sky.

I'm gonna miss you all the days of life,
And even when death will take my last breath,
Last thing i'll do passing to eternity,
I'm gonna miss you.

Winter will come, grass will fall asleep,
I 'll not hear the grass rustling anymore,
Only my memories with you will be always alive,
Rustling in my mind as grass did.

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lerigop 03 August 2020

...I have no words to say. It’s amazing. You have given all the useful information in this one article. I appreciate your work. WORKsbaar.COM  

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Rocky Flin 19 February 2012

You are a true inspiration. I enjoy the depth and detail ypu express in your poetry. Please continue and keep it up. Thank you for making me smile with your creative writing. I am a huge fan.

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Abhay Vignesh L 08 March 2011

Most of your poems are impressive...Keep up the good work

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