0005 'What Is There To Live For? ' Poem by Michael Shepherd

Michael Shepherd

Marton, Lancashire

0005 'What Is There To Live For? '

and you asked this question
half-privately, half publicly, (so there's some hope then?)
but we, knowing alas your high intelligence,
must pause, reflect, before we answer you...

we could just say, in our severest tones -
that question comes from a nowhere, no-time place
where ignorance is loved, and knowledge is denied..

I'd say, off the cuff, damn you, do just what you like...
you'll do that anyway..

but if you want some words from me..
(who knows the power of words, despite
all evidence to the contrary?) -
some words about what you already know...

I'd say, the answer's in the shortest word
inside your question - 'is':
that tiny window in our life
between the past - that which has shaped your 'is' -
and future - which your 'is' will make for you;

that tiny window, which the gift of life
(and what else do we know of this?)
offers you through all your lived-in life -
gift, to be free; of past and future; simply be,
live in a world of free unselfishness,
be anything and everything, be what you wish -
or better still, be what unsullied life
continually offers you out of the blue...

Or you could count your blessings -
think as Mark has written, just so beautifully, to you...
you'll do just what you do, when all things have been said
and all things written down in words - damn you -
though I for one believe you far from damned..

I knocked upon your door - you didn't answer me;
so now I'm running round the back,
calling through that tiny window
of your very present life; and just to say,
you know yourself; know all the questions, all the answers; but
I'm here for you...and by the way, that ' I ' means we...

annie okia 08 May 2007

These words feel like a BIG warm hug, from a BIG warm heart. Sure...that's worth living for...eh? alana

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Robert Howard 20 December 2006

I love the wide open generosity of this poem that embraces life and invites everybody else to do so too.

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Declan McHenry 10 December 2006

Michael, an excellently reasoned piece. Thank you. Indeed.

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Donna Nimmo 09 December 2006

A beautiful poem and how true. Hugs, Donna

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Michael Shepherd

Marton, Lancashire
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