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0030 Boldness Be My Friend - From Goethe

Rating: 2.3

How many noble schemes from goodwill's heart,
how many splendid plans and fine ideas
have foundered, lost their glorious craft and art
through hesitancy born of baseless fears?

We do not see the moment as divine,
thinking that those plans are somehow 'ours';
forgetting, too, that Providence sublime
yields timeless good through time in human hours:

the task begun, this heavenly Providence
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Faith Elizabeth Brigham 09 November 2005

very, very nice...i enjoyed this poem a lot...good strong writing!

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Allan James Saywell 09 November 2005

Beautiful words mister Sheperd you are truly a wordsmith and i when i read them can only envy you from a distance and salute you as a poet of great ability that can only be gathered through gaining a high education and being a well read man who has a great understanding of pure poetry and anything less then ten would be an insult Warm regards allan

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***** ********* 09 November 2005

I love this poem of yours Michael. So on the line. Very melodic too.10 from one who agrees. Tai

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