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0074.Abhirami Andhadhi Slogan 72 - Poem by rajagopal. h..

Note: I was mentally disturbed due to reasons; my neighbour who is 48 just expired yesterday night after 6 months battle with cancer leaving behind his wife and son; today being “ Vijaya Dasami Day ” I wanted to be with Abhirami as I do not have anybody to bank on…me a bird in the mid sea has Abhirami as my Ship to rest my head in Her laps

To Get Rid of Life and Death cycle

Tamil Transliteration

Enn kuraii theera nindru aeththukindraen yini yaan pirakkinn
Ninn kuraiiyae andri yaar kurai kaann iru neellvizhumbhinn
Minn kurai kaatti melighindra naeridai melliyalaai
Than kurai theera ennkoan sadaii mael vaiththa thaamaraiyae


Thy diminutive hip that ridicules
The lightning of the broad sky
Assigning a foible to the flash so narrow,
Gentle lady! I rever thy lotus feet, that adore
the locks of my lord thus relieving his pains,
To rid of my blemishes and glitches;
Incarnation again is dereliction of none
Other than Thy onus Abhirami my Mother!

Simple Meaning

Hey Abhirami with small hips that are thinner than the width of the lightning that appears in the broad sky! I rever your lotus feet which are taken on the head by my Lord Siva adoring His locks in order to get rid of His pains; my this surrender is to get rid of my problems (repeated births and deaths) .
Inspite of this effort if I take another birth it will be your blunder only and nobody else will be responsible for that.


The broad sky produces a thin flash of lighning; Abhirami has a hip that can challenge that celestial thing and make it blush; by saying this Abhirami Bhattar just underlines the capabilities of my Mother Abhirami;
That glorious hip is supported by the more glorious lotus feet, which adore Lors Siva’s locks of hair with the purpose of solving His issues.
In Lalitha Sahasranamam, Abhirami is narrated as “ Bahulavanya Sevaki”; She is an assemblage of all the beauties;
As we discussed earlier beauty has the power of conquering everything including the arrogance of savages.
The point is that there is nothing permanent anywhere in the cosmos; if I die I will have to go to another space; if I die there again I will be pushed to yet another space; my mothers, fathers and relatives may be different; but the ultimate thing is the same rigmarole making the soul feel tired of this repetitive tortures.
So Abhirami Bhattar wants to get out of this nonsense; so he is pleading with Abhirami who is the meaning of power to take a note of his request.

Again I repeat a couplet from Thirukkural, which I have quoted in Abhirami Andhadhi slogan 69

Vaiyaththtul vazhvaangu vaazhbhavan vaanuraiyum
Dheivaththul vaikkappadum

This means that he/she who lives properly on this earth shall be placed among Gods.

In Lalaiha Sahasranamam there is a description “ Shri Maha Raagji “

Following is the explanation: making “ Rangoli “ (Rangoli in Hindi, Kolam in Tamil-which is the decoration of the floor with rice flour in an artistic manner) is very easy but protecting the same is very difficult; so Abhirami takes any form to take care of Her children; also She reigns and executes what She thinks is the best to a particular child; so when Bhattar says says that it is your fault only then he means that it is Her design of the thing not his or others.

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  • Indira Babbellapati (10/9/2008 8:17:00 AM)

    notwithstanding your sorrow, just the right time to read of the mother...thnq, so much...who else can lighten ur sorrow other than the divine mother... (Report)Reply

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  • Sathyanarayana M V SSathyanarayana M V S (10/9/2008 7:26:00 AM)

    Beautiful! ! ! The readers are blessed! ! ! (Report)Reply

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