(019) Why Should I Read A Newspaper? Poem by premji premji

(019) Why Should I Read A Newspaper?

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I met an old journalist recent
He was so sad on present
Happenings in the newspaper industry
Editor post is of least importance,
He told, he has no control over the news
As paper-owner is a tyrant
Editor is a doll who has to
Dance with owner’s choice
Owner decides policies like
Which political party they should support…
Whose image has to be tarnished…

The saddest moment in my life,
He told, happened recent
I went to attend a meeting of
Newspaper editors
The chief guest was a newspaper Barron
During his speech, he told:
I buy news from agencies,
I don’t care my readers,
I care only for my advertisers
For they are my source of income

Times are changing, he laments…
May be this is the reason that
Every newspaper contains same news…

Tell me,
Why should I read newspapers anymore?
As they give nothing new
Except twisted and twisted filth
It’s a universal truth, bitter…


Pandian Angelina 13 July 2009

Selfsame reason why I stopped long time back! What a voice - disgust and loathing Splendid mix of scarcasm too I find! Leena

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Mamta Agarwal 27 June 2009

yoou have hit the nail on the head. i have no newspaper days. what's new anyway except sensationalization of negative events. who says we have freedom of expression... Mamta

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Surya . 06 June 2009

vow.at last it has come to the notice of a poet.let the world know and many thanks to you sir.love its content. posted 10 love surya

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Kesav Easwaran 31 March 2009

the average public is more interested to listen to lies...whether we read or not, news and newspapers will survive...the average factor is present in you and in me too, Premji...good theme...selective view...good presentation...10

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Fiona Davidson 02 March 2009

Great write Premji...thank you...Fi 10+++

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premji premji

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