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0284 A Poet To His Critic, Ok?

Rating: 2.1

Look, everyone from birth to death, yeah? is
tryin' to express somethin', right? , that
goes beyond
what they've expressed before, OK? so
what we need isn't a ton of crit-shit, yeah? but
a little help and advice would be appreciated... right?

an' we don't ask for praise, OK? although
it's always nice, yeah? but
a little encouragement would be appreciated... right?


uh, spoken like a true, whatever - POET.

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Mahnaz Zardoust-Ahari 27 August 2005

Good comments always appreciated...... :) Good write Michael

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Cynthia Aluning 13 December 2005

lil' bit hesistant here to comment on your works, sir, in fact, I was reading your poems from time to time and trying to study and relate on some. This poem was kinda comical with bits of sarcasm, a light poem indeed, yeah free-verse, ok? yeah? right...oh yeah. Hope all the critics in poetic world will treat their co-poets/writers with all fairness, honesty and constructive critisms to further enhance their crafts. So far, I received good feedbacks and especially your kind appreciation on my mails. Again, loads of thanks, sir.....

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Shelia Williams 30 August 2005

I like this one. We should never be criticized for expressing ourselves. Excellent job.

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Michael Shepherd 27 August 2005

Dancing on your sandcastle, you missed the point of the poem. Oh well.

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Mary Nagy 27 August 2005

I thought this was very funny. Great poem. Sincerely, Mary

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Raynette Eitel 27 August 2005

Made me smile. You who are so full of beautiful language took on a completely different character, and it worked! And again, you said a lot without really saying it...a lesson all of us could remember well. Raynette

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