John Knight

1025 Modern Poetry - Explained?

How does it differ from.............
Poetry (classical) - prose - plays - pantomime?
It must have a title
This poses the first problem
Because a Title implies Content.
Well - God forbid that I should make a rule!
However a POEM - even a Modern Poem
Must be about something - someone
A subjectless poem - is just words.
Any poem is greater than the sum of its words.
The subject can be anything
But not nothing - not nonsense
I know there is a genre of Nonsense Poems
But this is my poem and they are not on my list.
OK - I've got my title - MONKEYS...................
That's good - it informs me (or does it)
That by reading the poem
I will learn something about MONKEYS.
Well - YES and perhaps NO....... WHY?
Well a poem is not a TEXT BOOK.
There are no factual boudaries in Modern Poetry
Everything in my MONKEY POEM
Could be fantasy - so in the end
You know less truth about Monkeys
Than if you had not read the poem!
OK - A title YES (including UNTITLED?)
Boundaries on factual content - NO!
The title is important if I called it NUNKY WUNKY
No one would read it - but we all like MONKEYS!
What about STRUCTURE (FORM) ?
NO - Modern Poetry is structureless
RHYME - NO because Rhyme (and rhyme patterns)
Are optional. VERSES - NO METRE - NO.
FLOW and RHTHYM? well well well
Because Modern Poetry is technically ruleless
Allow me to introduce RULE No.2.
Coming from the 'City of Culture' - Liverpool
We were all 'progarmmed' to be................
Adrian Hendry and John Lennon and The Scaffold.
So in our book - Poetry - even Modern Poetry
Must have Rhythm & Flow - in short
It must be recitable - even when it is Blank Verse.
I hate to be hoisted by my own petard....
I's very very painful. But my POEM No.1025
Is a Modern Poem written in Blankety Blank Verse.
However it has got a TITLE - and
If you are kind enough to read it
It does flow - well it flowed for me!
I rest my not insubstantial Poetical Case! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

(John Knight - Drizzly Colchester - Almost 2010)

Poem Submitted: Tuesday, December 29, 2009

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Comments about 1025 Modern Poetry - Explained? by John Knight

  • Nivedita Bagchi SPC UK (3/31/2010 4:52:00 PM)

    An informative write-up…and I learnt much from it…you’ve made some satire and it was needed…

    Sir with humility I want to express [not impress] my thoughts about poetry …my little knowledge is ‘assembling coalescing merging conglomerating of emotions [in repose] next expressing...’…elsewhere I read it…like every discipline metamorphosis is must and poetry is no exception….

    How to delineate [segregate] emotion and expression by the classical [Cl] Modern [Mdr.] and Post Modern [PMdr]…Neomodern [NMdr] … is an enigmatic and unsolved /unresolved riddle…may be all are nomenclatures jugglery…by pundits… [Excuse me readers]

    Is there any unchallengeable and unanimously acceptable dip-stick rule to express emotion in the canvas of …Cl…Mdr….PMdr…NMdr. with fixed latitude longitude radius or diameter…without overlapping? [If done poets will be smothered…lolol then emotion will become just rubber stamp]

    Like fashion/music/dance/ cinema etc. everything repeating and completing…. I’d add overlapping…e.g. in music fusion trend ….where Cl and all others are included en masse…in [one] song…here in India... even classical lyrics are undergoing as song-remix when recorded … may be puritans raise their brows…in sixties Beatles brought revolution in lyric and music and performance..Orchestrations…same with Elvis and recently MJ…. And so on…

    The part of India I was reared is called Cultural Capital of India …here so many experimentations are flooding in the field of poetry / music/ painting/ dance etc…and it was heralded by R.N.Tagore – RNT [Noble laureate] he deconstructed to reconstruct poetries/ songs /dance drama/ dance etc etc in various permutation and combination and he is included in all the above groups of poet…etc

    Thanks Sir and learned readers for patience reading…
    Ms. Nivedita

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  • Beauty Philosophy (1/15/2010 5:41:00 AM)

    A good explanation for both emerging and classical writers.

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  • Christine Schmidt (1/10/2010 3:42:00 PM)

    First I must correct you John...A title like 'NUNKY WUNKY' would probably bring you readers...but reading this was anything but boring. I liked your poetical view on modern poetry...very now! I will continue to read more of yours...I just got back from the holiday fog and now PH is letting me comment and get messages again-YEAH! ! ! ! HaPpY NeW yEaR 2 U :)

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  • Raj Nandy (1/8/2010 10:56:00 PM)

    (I wish to know the comments of Ms Mamta Agarwal & PC Sharma, - both post-
    graduates in English Literature.)

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  • Lady Grace (1/2/2010 8:20:00 PM)

    i don't know how to evaluate this piece..i smile while reading coz it's full of thrill..why? ..becoz of the expressions...the no no and the well well well also the yess yes are completely expressed in this piece..and w8, the last part is so nice to giggles, it tickles me..

    becoz of this beautiful piece, someone texted me....THIS IS NICELY DONE, WELL PENNED AND INTERESTING TO READ,

    hugz and kissessss


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  • Prince Obed de la CruzPrince Obed de la Cruz (12/29/2009 10:09:00 AM)

    i learned something here sir... thanks!

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