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1986: Rebel's Lament

Rating: 4.1

What of the knowing wind
of Hendrix on vinyl
songs of silence
lately branded for our own good?

What of prayers,
my steeple?
Down now
covered and quashed
the queen's garment stolen.

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Ivor Hogg 27 September 2007

I like your style. I always have time to meet and greet new friends

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Scarlett Treat 09 July 2007

(Relatively) good taste and (reasonably) free expression...love it...New friends, (no more room for enemies!) . Fall in love with the company....love it. Welcome to the new experiences....fresh faces, and joy!

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Ivor Hogg 14 March 2008

Enjoyed the laconic style

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I could fall in love with present company when he writes like this. t x

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I enjoyed this spare, well-written poem. Sadly, I missed out on vinyl, though, I have about 100 or so albums in my garage that I inherited. But nothing to play them on. Peace, L&T

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Patricia Gale 15 October 2007

Enjoy your style... ah how I recall the vinyl...grand memories

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David Barlow 13 October 2007

Ah Vinyl, I remember it well. Everyone likes a Rebel with a cause, Good write Chris. Take care and have fun. David

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