The offer never ceases to be Poem by Cretan Maineiac

The offer never ceases to be

Rating: 4.3

The offer never ceases to be
tho i strike it down relentlessly

free dinner for two
for shooting ducks in a row
but i just wish to comment
courting favor, you know?

If i do slay the twenty
(which some call a score)
will the popups unplenty
'ere my pointer grows sore?

Ronald Stroman 10 October 2007

well done.......................................

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Elysabeth Faslund 10 October 2007

Unfortunately, it's a Google Boogle, but this poem is a cutie patootie! Good and Best.xxElysabeth

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David Barlow 13 October 2007

A real ePoem Chris, funny and well observed. Could'nt have been written about only 10/15 years ago. Is'nt technology wonderful. All the best David

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Emancipation Planz 14 October 2007

Ha, ha, ha Chris.... don't we have the 'option' to donate money to PH to stop this sort of thing a happening! ! One Peace at a Time, Deana

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x... x... 14 October 2007

Now this is comical and so true, but, there is a way around it...don't use Internet Explorer....Try using your internet provider carrier, for some reason they stop the dang ducks and the paper doll in the bikini....allowing only rarley the little cursor slide across the page thing through...No joke, there' s away around it...Try different browsers and up your security and spam and firewall and those ducks will go back where they belong, in the water and not here., , , marci. :)

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Ivor Hogg 14 March 2008

I just ignore them why should I encourage them in their brainless play

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Jessica Kelly 23 October 2007


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Chuck Toll 23 October 2007

Very nicely done-I enjoyed it. Sounds as though you've had about the same luck with the ducks that I've had with PH's 'Contact Us.' There are a bunch of cyber-bullies out there who get their kicks out of creating annoying pop-ups the average person can't get rid of. Bullies often prove to be rather cowardly inside, and I think these pop-up artists enjoy lurking in the safety of uncharted cyberspace where no one can grab them by the scruff of the neck as they deserve.

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Dr.subhendu Kar 22 October 2007

quite interesting to know, thanks

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Blue angel Florida 15 October 2007

So cute, loved it. The little ducks are a constant to fill my background. Loved the poem and the tips from Marci. Thanks!

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