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.29) The Wall

Rating: 5.0

Even Berlin was not divided
like the city of Myself.
I long to visit you, my Soul,
on the other side of the Wall.

I know only this side of the Wall,
with its trees and roads and buildings
and its certain alternation of sun and shadow.

Closing my eyes, I sit on my pillow,
feeling emanations of a Sun beyond our sun,
rippling sperms of a joy that would be pink
were the lights on in there,
dancing, tickling me, laughing toward me.

You are said to be closer than my breath, O God.
Why then can I not scale or dismantle this Wall,
in order to get somewhere so near?

They say the other side of the Wall
shines like millions of suns and moons
and can't really even be described—
and all of that, I Am.

They tell of a man who ran across a field
to climb the Wall
and tell those below what he saw,
but when he got to the top
he started laughing and dove over
and was never seen again.

I hang out beside the Wall,
feeling the rays that come through,
longing for this world and That World to be united.
Can I build a podium and stand behind it, shouting,
'Mr. God, tear down this Wall! '?

Here, I long for There—
for There to be Here, too—
for I can no longer tolerate
the fickleness of joy,
the inconstancy of peace.

Poetry Hound 16 January 2006

'Mr. God, ' indeed! Nice take-off on that Reaganism. The poem has a proverbial or even mythic feel to it, and almost deserves numbers to separate and magnify the different proverbs. I particularly like the one about the guy who reaches the top, laughs, and then is never seen again. Reminds me of the Sirens that attract sailors who then wreck their ships. A splendid one, Max

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John Kay 02 February 2006

Max...thanks for this poem. I had sort of lost track of my soul, forgotten that it is closer than by breath, on the other side of the wall. That soul, for you, certainly seems to represent something like heaven, something constant and beautiful. You helped me believe it for a moment. Your poems, unlike so many others here, come for the heart. They matter. They are more than just an intellectual exercise at being cute. Good job my friend.

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Ivy Christou 26 January 2006

i find this a great poem MAx, isn't it strange when we feel our sould to be at the other site and we have a blocked view of it, including happiness and inner peace? thought provoking poem! HBH

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... ... 17 January 2006

certainly one of your best max. there's so much to say about this but i feel you've said it all

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Uriah Hamilton 16 January 2006

A beautiful poem with spiritual depth.

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Raynette Eitel 16 January 2006

You really have something here, Max...the walls that divide countries and the walls that divide us from ourselves. Good insight. Of course the line 'Mr. God...' is an attention getter, but all the rest of your poem has wonderful insight on the human conditionl Raynette

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