3 Seconds Before The Shot Poem by Sonny Rainshine

3 Seconds Before The Shot

Rating: 5.0

The brown doe for a moment
mesmerizes the boys in camouflage,
broadcasting a telepathic message:
I stand before you here,
majestic as Nature,
graceful as a ballerina,
my beauty is never-ending
and will lodge in your heart,
as the bullet will in mine
long after this deed is done.

Ivor Hogg 04 October 2008

Hunting to eat is forgivable hunting for sport is abhorrent to me unless done with a camera

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Manonton Dalan 05 September 2008

i could imagine the glimpse of the doe. i never shot one but i watch a herd of deers at wisconsin during off season. they are hundreds running around corn field and vanish the very first day of season.hhhmm smart ha.

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~ Jon London ~ 08 May 2008

Excellently placed poem, explosive imagery of this account is spectacular..10/10 Thanks for sharing best wishes Jon

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Sandra Fowler 04 May 2008

Excellent poem. Beauty must be its own reward. My sentiments are entirely with the deer. Warm regards, Sandra

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Shaun William Hayes 04 May 2008

So dreadfully, painfully, horribly true. If only.... Good writing. Shaun.

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