An Oak's Progress Poem by Sonny Rainshine

An Oak's Progress

Rating: 5.0

An acorn drops,
piercing the leafy humus.
Heavy rain in the night
entrenches it
in the soil.

Leaves conceal it
from foraging squirrels,
and wind-sifted sunlight
stirs growth
within and splinters
its protective walls.

Probing, thirsty
roots like drills
burrow for water.

Frail, taut shoots
thrust in the opposite direction
succumbing to the upward pull
toward light—
in it for the long haul.

The trunk grows muscular,
and calluses with bark;
branches terminate in twigs.
Spring buds foliate,
flowers burgeon,
and fructify.
And then
An acorn drops.

Edwin Robinette 08 May 2006

I have always loved the mighty oak. I enjoyed your write also!

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Bill Thomas 01 August 2008

Beautiful work, Sonny - not a word spare, excellent imagery; as Ivor says, the full circle lifts it from a good poem to a great & haunting one.

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Ivor Hogg 27 February 2008

The circle back to the start enhances this fine piece of writing A favourite ploy of the old irsish bards

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Jeanette Krantz 05 October 2007

the imagery and choice of words makes this poem AWESOME =)

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Duncan Wyllie 20 May 2006

Trees are such a beautiful and meaningful subject and you have placed a beautiful seed that will blossom within the mind, Thankyou Love Duncan X

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Gina Onyemaechi 11 May 2006

'Muscular', 'callouses', 'burgeoning', 'fructify' - love the last section above all here, Sonny. Lovely poem. Regards, Gina.

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