31 Dec,2021 - New Year's Eve In Goa - Go North To Have Fun Poem by Bernedita Rosinha Pinto

31 Dec,2021 - New Year's Eve In Goa - Go North To Have Fun

I was there last night atop the mountain hill
where night clubs kept showing focus lights
to enable people to trace their location
and reach their venues of merriment
on that Anjuna-Vagator road in Goa
where cars kept crowding and inching their way,
everyone trying to find a place to park and go
to those clubs where people kept rushing
to get inside and to be the one with others
in fun and frolic, in excitement and entertainment.

The glee of the season was so huge and soaring
as the night kept descending deeper into darkness
and the sense of enjoyment kept mounting
with hours that kept ticking fast like drumbeats.
gorgeous girls dressed in stylish clothes kept coming
some with just tight-fitting spaghetti tops and shorts,
some with glittering outfits so suave and clingy
all looked so glamorous and graceful;
with their perfect makeup and little clutch bags
they stole the show and depicted their poise and feminism.

And as these enthusiastic young boys and girls,
lovers and teenagers, even older couples
kept rushing atop that mountain hill,
the night was so overfull with frenzy and passion
as music kept blaring and enhancing their glee
which the season had stacked in its favor and velocity.

And as everyone was so filled with hopes of thrill,
the crowd of young Indian boys and girls
was so amazing and amusing
as, though, they came from conservative families,
their outlook was so modern and so brave
that they dared to enjoy the night dancing and partying
without any restriction or exhaustion.

Oh what a ‘Joi de Vivre' to see
the fervor at these nightclubs;
they call it ‘Tourism' in Goa
and we Goans choose to sit silently
in our homes afraid of the Pandemic
while these visitors enjoy our Christmas Season
and make the best of it
with our music, our warmth and hospitality.

Yes, North-Goa is just the right place to be
if fun and parties, dance and music
is what you are looking for;
good time, great music and dancing
all in one - you will find here
during the festive season and New year's eve;
and when you will go back from your sojourn
you will agree with me
that no place is better than our Goa
to celebrate Christmas and New Year
as it is all so natural, so rural and so ethnic.

And though western music keeps resounding
in all our pubs and clubs,
all our streets and houses also get lighted up
with stars hanging atop every home
with - Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells and carols
playing so frequently all day long
that it takes away all the worries and anxieties
out of your knees and sets your feet dancing
for a fortnight with booze and beer,
food and flavors enhancing all your ideas
that when you go back home,
you yourself will tell all your family and friends
that North Goa is the best place to be
during Christmas season and New Year's eve.

31 Dec,2021 - New Year's Eve  In  Goa - Go North To Have Fun
With the world facing the pandemic and the fear of omicron infection, the safety of Goa can be jeopardized by public events, Still _-A Happy and Safe New Year to all our Goans! .
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