Forgiveness Poems: 466 / 500

.36) For Small Sins...

Rating: 4.1

I ask forgiveness
for my complicity
in the world's impending
styrofoam catastrophe,

for getting a new cup sometimes
when I have one at home
or in our other car;

and for writing poems on the backs
of flyers that someone paid
his good money for so he
could advertise things;

for the way I'll waste still more money
on diet coke from the convenience store
on the way home, when we have
plenty of coke in our own refrigerator,

and for leaving the water
running while I do the dishes.

I know I use more Equal
than is good for my
divinely-given body,
and go around with a little
buzz from caffeine when I could
have unadulterated peace;

and because I try to keep
my consciousness balanced
by chasing coffee
with huge glasses of water,
I pee twenty times a day,
flushing the toilet each time
in a drought state.

Have mercy on me, an abject

Adryan Barnathan 08 April 2006

Well said Max....u pointed out so many of us in this one....oops, of course not me! Bravo~!

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Sue Ann Simar 07 April 2007

not to segue or to consume more white space than is necessary, but, Max, you do ride your segway to the Forum, don't you? ...

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Robert Howard 29 December 2006

Go in peace my child but recite Self Reliance 20 times for penance. I personally flush without guilt because I am an insensitive clod and coffee is nature's most perfect food. I do worry about the styrofoam though so I may be redeemable.

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G. Murdock 24 September 2006

This is a great confession and so appropro to all of us nonpenitents living in a world devoted to conspicuous consumption.

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Brian Dorn 20 April 2006

Max, good stuff! I too make a conscience effort to drink a lot of water and in turn feel guilty every time I have to flush. I certainly could relate! Brian

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Nick Percowycz 08 April 2006

What about that extra piece of cake you snuck away with? Great poem Max! A ten.

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