.35) Time: A Meditation Poem by Max Reif

.35) Time: A Meditation

Rating: 4.1

The bird of Time sat on a branch.
I thought to clip her wings, and so
I climbed upon her back — alas,
the bird took flight again, and now
I'm at the far end of my life.

She lighted there of her free will.
How foolish I was then, to think
that I could stop, or slow, her flight,

and yet, that time, when Time sat still —
how sweet it was — how sweet.


Birds have a tendency of moving, with time.Free will is unstopable. If only more would understand that! - You put it well. t x

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Nalini Hebbar 21 July 2006

time never stops for anybody...lovely read...love...nalini

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Joseph Daly 21 July 2006

This is a lovely piece Max. The imagery is fantastic and the whole concept is well thought out.

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Duncan Wyllie 21 July 2006

Here he is again presenting us with yet another great gift, take it nice and slow when reading this great piece, it really is worth the time taken Love duncan X

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Scarlett Treat 21 July 2006

When I was l6, time stood still, and I thought it would never pass....when I was 30, time stood still, and I thought I would always be just the way I was-and now I am 64, and time is flying by so fast that I am dizzy from its passing! Great write, Max.

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Joscephine Gomez 30 April 2007

Well said from experience. This is the second time I read this lovely poem.

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Emma Johnson 18 April 2007

A very disarming simplicity with a very profound meaning. Beautiful. Susie.

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ZEN POEM 22 March 2007

what profound meaning on the bird image of time! thank you!

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Ben Gieske 22 March 2007

A delightful meditation about such a common theme. Is this what the eternal NOW will feel like? Only wish that every one could feel this way all the time. How peaceful life would be.

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Robert Howard 29 December 2006

Elegant precision writing with fine depth of imagery. Even though time back went into motion I hope you have been enjoying the view as the universe flies past.

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Max Reif

Max Reif

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