*4* Gone Too Soon Poem by Shelley L Baxter

*4* Gone Too Soon

Rating: 3.1

Your embrace was not familiar,
yet I comfort you in my arms,
as I am gazing at your picture,
I still feel the magic of your charm.

Desperately searching in pools of chocolate,
puddles of brown I will call your eyes.
I am swimming in your sockets, trying to peak into their depths,
getting weary of looking for the answers, all the ones you only kept.

I am sinking in your senses embracing the world
through your sad loving eyes.
My eyes are viewing the pain you felt,
things that hurt you so much inside…

I don't know what I am seeing,
Still I know you loved and felt so much.
I am wishing I could find the answers,
and the reasons why you chose to die.

You kicked the chair right over,
and you fell into mid air...
OH MY GOD—I wish you saved him from himself,
dear Lord…oh Lord we cared.

Michael if you seen the church today,
from the chapel in the sky,
Oh God, my friend, if you had known the torment we would feel inside, only standing room left, as we paid tribute to your life...

My heart has grown wearier, since I said our last goodbye.
You were so young in age, yet your wisdom well beyond your years, gave you insight maybe you didn't want,
knowing your nights were filled with tears.

I am looking at your picture, staring directly in your eyes,
I see the pain and innocence, and run my fingers through your afro...
I close my eyes, and sigh, oh it hurts me so,
that you felt you had to say goodbye.

(In memory of a very special sweet young man with the kindest of hearts and one of the most handsome of faces./Michael Stephen Simon June 29,87-April,21,05/Written on May 1 2005.)

Melvina Germain 20 June 2007

Shelley your sad heartfelt feelings rush to the forefront showing the deep love you have for this young man. We never truly know what others are feeling on the inside, we can only pray that they are well minded. Every now and then when one of our loved ones slips by and we had no idea of the pain they suffered inside, all we can do is pray and be glad that they are in the hands of 'Our Father In Heaven'. So sorry for your pain Shelley, he lives now in your memories, prais Jesus.--Melvina--

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Tranquil Ocean 08 May 2007

A beautiful tribute to your friend and may he find the peace with Him that he never did find in this world. Love...TO

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Madly In Love 07 May 2007

I am so sorry Shelley

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