*****8 Please Understand. Poem by Shelley L Baxter

*****8 Please Understand.

Rating: 2.9

' I Regret the words I said to you,
the way I acted has made me blue.
When you saw me out that day
know I looked different-
didn't know what to say...
Even though my head was high,
I felt so bad but I didn’t sigh...
held my tongue within my cheek,
turned my back on the questions you seek...
Unfortunately I shrunk inside,
to a place where only one can hide.
You can find me anywhere-
I can’t run so it is not fair!
You know my thoughts and all my dreams,
even things that maybe seem-
to hold me down and drown my soul,
I ask you lord to make me whole.
So the next time that I speak to you-
Please understand I’m sometimes blue.
That I will try to change “MY” fate-
When I accept your love…
I’m through the gate! '

Ashish R 27 April 2007

The poem is so well penned...The words just flow like a quiet river. Ashish.

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Michael Fischer 26 April 2007

Great poem...nicely crafted. You have a beautiful soul and I know that one day, you'll be accepted and the gate will open for you. Top marks! -Michael

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Geoff Warden 24 April 2007

Absolutly Graceful Penning, so well done is this poetic vibe, flows like an ever still stream unto the very conclustion of truth.......very nicly done...

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