*4* Shades Of Grey. Poem by Shelley L Baxter

*4* Shades Of Grey.

Rating: 2.8

I am truly sorry...
for the hurt I bring to you.
For I know that when you're happy
one look at me and your blue too.

I cannot seem to control my pain,
put a 'Real smile' upon my face,
even when I try so hard sadness
is etched into my grace.

Your eyes hold such happiness,
contentment like I have known,
spring to your step and joyfulness
like most my life has shown.

Now all I see are shades of grey.
The shadows have stolen my soul.
Falling on my knee's now lord...
my prayer is to be made whole.

Sigh~even my faith does not get through
when my heart is heavy laden.
Depression like I never knew
has released my heart to hating.

I will place my pen upon my desk.
My throbbing head into my hands,
I will close my eyes and seek (Him) ...
in hopes of waking from barren lands.

Written in March of 2005.

Melvina Germain 05 September 2007

Depression such a horrible state, it comes like a thief in the night, all of a sudden it's there and you know not where it came from. When you put your throbbing head in your hands and seek (HIM) you know you are on the right track, for only (HE) can save you and bring you back. Prayer is definitely the answer, it's powerful and true. Let's change those shades of grey to brilliant Heavenly blues, great poem Shelley.--Melvina--

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Geoff Warden 19 April 2007

Profoundly stated piece of gracful steps, very well done

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