((Three)) Starting Anew. Poem by Shelley L Baxter

((Three)) Starting Anew.

Rating: 3.0

Lord, Can you lift up the fog while I pray to you?
For there is so many things I wish to say to you.

I am lost and I need you to come to Your knees,
so your ears are closer to my whispering pleas.

For nothing is right...I only see what is wrong...
with your help once again I'll be singing your song.

Need to hear your voice and have Your intentions heard...
as my life right now leaves me feeling absurd.

I know my prayers to you are not meaningless words...
know You will take the time and not leave them unheard.

For I was washed with your tears, many years ago.
I am your daughter, your child...not a wandering soul.

If I change what you want me to say and to do...
I'll know again...that with Faith, I can start anew.

written September 6th 2008.

Kesav Easwaran 12 September 2008

'I am your daughter, your child...not a wandering soul'. a line so moving...The Lord too would have moved...beautiful song Shelley...your rhymes ride straight sweet into reader mind 10+

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Barbara Terry 11 September 2008

I agree that this is a prayer from the core of your soul. You have written a very nice prayer poem to our Lord, asking him for His help so He can hear you better. But don't worry Shelley, because even if we are small, medium or tall, the Lord hears our pleas for help. I really like the soft, pleading tone you use here. The Lord God does help us as long as we believe in His name, and ask for His help through His son Jesus. Thank you for sharing. Hugs, Barbara

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Dr.subhendu Kar 08 September 2008

a prayer true from the heart core tears still fall blazing the glory of God path when to trudge by His wish blessing is needed to wade through...........really heartful prayer to Almighty God for trudging the path towards salvation, A gallantry from a chivalrous soul, yet soft and sublime, great write,10+, thanks for sharing

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