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4 Years Too Long

Rating: 3.8

I still see your face everywhere I go
There's not a minute an hour that I don't think of you
Its been 4 years today it seems like it just happened yesterday
I still let a tear or two roll from time to time
You meant so much to me and I can't replace how much you loved me
I just wish I had more time to tell you that I loved you
I mean you were a father figure to me
Even though you were just a grandfather but you were the next best thing and I can't even say how much I miss you today
Nothing I say will bring you back anyway
I miss you so much and no one can replace what an impact you had on my life

Although I know you're watching me but its just not the same
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Chris Jibero 25 July 2010

Good work, well presented and emotional.You may as well read my 'Good Night, My Empress' and 'Forever'.Regards.

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Eyan Desir 30 June 2009

Sorry his gone... nicely written 10s

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Keith Hendrickson 20 June 2009

a great piece filled with passion and emotion... great great work

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