9 Unworthy Tears Poem by Gabriella Franco

9 Unworthy Tears

Rating: 5.0

9 unworthy tears down my face
9 unworthy tears leave a dark trace
The tears aren't really comming from my eyes
They're comming from the soul that's inside

I'm all scrambled up, don't know which way is up
I can't stand your drama, I've had enough
I can't spell, sing or write. I can't even think
Theres a heartbreak up ahead. I'm on the brink

I trusted you with my heart
I let you play with it because
I thought maybe the 'like' we had
Just might turn to love

I gave it a chance, let myself go
And I just wanted you to know
You have activated my fears
And now I'm cryin 9 unworthy tears

1 is for the beginning
2 is for the end
3 is for believing
You were my best friend

4 is for what we shared
5 is for... well i don't know
but 6 is for 'I thought you cared'
7, i'm cryin and let it show

I don; t want you to know you hurt me
That's why #8 sucks
But #9 is the hardest tear
9 is for the trust.

Abigail Keller 15 March 2007

Wow. I loved the ryhming in this one. It seems to kind of playfully display the hurt and the pain while TOTALLY displaying the message. Loved it, as usual

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Ebone' Ingram 28 August 2006

ok, kiddo, story time. this reminds me of the time i cried like 8 or 9 times last year because this guy that liked me didn't want to be with me...it just kinda hit again when i read this. *pats on shoulder* you're not the only one, kid. eni da kid

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Preeti - is here! 28 August 2006

I know that feeling, and you've brought it out superbly in this poem. How in a minute everything changes...you touched me with this one~! Preets

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Amber Green 04 August 2006

Well, I understand completely. I can't even begin to describe how much that poem hit me. I almost cried it was really well written.

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Aryana West 12 June 2006

That was a good one... :)

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