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(981) Invitation To Despair

Rating: 3.3

Periwinkle blues, vibrant violets blend together creating an atmosphere
only beholding to the most beautiful creatures ever seen on the earths
ball-room of forever living. A defiance of immortality, living with the masters
of the dark.

Veils of black dust, streamers of grey silk torment while flowing over the
dark, still waters. Charcoal eyes seen beneath the quite mirrors of the
ocean sink deep. Climb in if you dare, enter the world of desperate
measures and despair.

Wait! ! ! Suddenly, an enormous hand appears through the sky and sends
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Sandra Fowler 14 January 2008

A word painting of exceptional beauty. I love all the colors. Warmest regards, Sandra

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David Harris 13 January 2008

Mel, I never use this word likely, but this poem is AWSOME. Wonderful rhythmic flow that draws each line into another and guides you safely through the darkness to the light at the end. Top marks and thanks for sharing it my friend. David

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okeydokey #3 12 January 2008

you must be...a christian or something...that is great...i love this poem...the atmosphere...dark becoming light...is so well established...it is just so goody-goody...goody...

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