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A Balancing Act

Rating: 4.8

Life is a balance of work and play
A constant balance between night and day
The balance between good and bad
A balance between happy and sad
Friends and family, pets and the lawn
Twenty four seven, your whole life long
Then one day in the middle of the night
Your thrown off balance, nothing seems right
What once was, is no longer the norm
Your left in turmoil in the eye of a storm

You struggle to regain control in your life
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Dorothy- A. Holmes 20 November 2015

An enjoyable read... Dorothy A Poet Who Loves To Sing

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Dr Antony Theodore 24 August 2015

Hoping to catch a breeze, to give words to your song Then in the future the scales line up again BEWARE! It’s just an illusion, my friend you began so positively.. then out of balance you struggled and came to this conclusion...... life is a mystery. you bring in these points in your poem. thank you.

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Elena Sandu 20 June 2011

I can feel the real and truth in your poem! Yes we constantly try to balance everything.I think that maybe anything and anybody can help us keep or loose our balance, all depends of what, whom and how we stock inside of our souls. Also the way of looking at things could make a big difference, positive way of thinking always helps.I see you have a fine balance, by the way of writing you could easily dance on toes. Thank you for share,1o

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Aldo Kraas 27 August 2010

I enjoyed reading your poems.

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