Bijay Kant Dubey

A Beautiful Girl - Poem by Bijay Kant Dubey

A beautiful girl is
A beautiful poem, a beautiful short story, a beautiful play, a beautiful sketch,
A beautiful memoir, a beautiful narrative,
Beautiful beautiful,
I beautiful, you beautiful
The world beautiful,
Why not to make it more and more beautiful?

A beautiful short story lengthened is a novel,
A beautiful poem lengthened is a book of poetry,
A beautiful treatise in the fine arts
As the same girl as a dancer is a poem in poses and postures,
Sketched, drawn and painted as for painting,
Snapped for photography,
Made and moulded through art work and craftsmanship
Sculptures and figurines
Decorating the temple entrances, outer walls and the pillars
As nautch girls, creatures semi-divne, yoga-yoginis and raginis,
Devadasis and sevadasis turned stone and fossils,
Whether put into lively or they themselves
Or is it art merely,
Romantic, not realistic,
Nothing to do with society and reality,
I do not know?

A beautiful maiden seek I to draw and paint, give colours to
So that she will speak forth
What it is in her mind and heart,
Soul and deep within,
A beautiful girl as a beautiful poem, a beautiful short story, a beautiful playlet,
A beautiful novella, a beautiful book of memoir,
A beautiful album of photos
And I capturing the moments of life,
Art and culture, art, architecture and sculpture,
Art and painting, art, culture and society
And the moments spent with
In reading them, in studying.

Your love story I shall write it in a book of poetry,
Your story of life in a novel,
Your story of life will be the subject of my drama of life
Which I am writing it now,
Your story of life will be my book of memoir, sketch and reflection
On life, times, moments shared with and lived together, imagined, unimagined,
You just take to, understand them, my biography or autobiography.

Beauty beauty, truth truth, goodness goodness,
Beauty is truth and truth goodness,
Truth beauty and beauty goodness
And what it is good is beautiful and true,
There is nothing to doubt and contradict
As it is already accepted,
Good good, bad bad,
Had been, will remain so in the near future
And hence I beautiful, you beautiful,
We all beautiful,
Why not to build a better and beautiful world,
Expelling the bad within?

O, what was I saying, as deviated and digressed I from my topic,
Causing chaos and confusion among my listeners,
As they may be thinking it,
The resource person himself knows not the topic in details
That he is guest-lecturing,
What to say more about the questionnaire hour,
In the vortex of, as fears he as for,
A volley of questions thrown upon
And he in the midst of a midstream, a storm gathering,
Trying to steer across,
The thunder man, the rain and shower man!

A singer showing through the sound-tracks, rhythms of speech and intonation,
The high and low pitches of sounds,
Said lyrically, stylistically or internally
In a sing-song voice,
Coming from the heart directly
With so much so sensitivity and emotionalism,
Sentiment and emotion of life and living,
The thinking mind in retrospection,
What this life has given,
What this life has taken!

A beautiful girl is a beautiful actor, performing and enacting
And taking part in the drama, the drama of life,
Imitated, copied and parted,
Just the roles she is doing
Through her make-up, dress-up,
Taking the help of the costume and fashion and apparel designing experts
As they tell of attire through ages, inscribed on walls or kept in locked boxes
And worn by peoples from generation to generation
As the taste goes changing from time to time.

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