A Big Heart Poem by Henry Brown

A Big Heart

Rating: 5.0

I wish that my heart was just so big that I could love the whole wide world
I wish I could also hold everyone who was ever hurt it seems to be absurd

I wish that with every beat of my heart I could give away a million
In fact I wish that with every beat that I could give be a billion

To feed all the hungry mouths and every one in need
I wish that all of us would not be so filled with hate and greed

But the truth be told today it is all about me myself and I
Please Lord let my heart be so big that I can hear every little cry

I wish that I will always want to give and never question why
Just let me be a giver until the day I die

Make my heart so big that it will burst with love for all
So I would be there with every beat to pick all who fall

HENRY BROWN 02nd December 2010

Smoky Hoss 20 August 2011

This is a 'BIG' and beautiful idea, and poem; very well said. I commend you for such a true heart.

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Henry Brown

Henry Brown

Johannesburg South Africa
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