A Blank Page Poem by Paula Glynn

A Blank Page

I stare at the blank page,
And wonder what I am going to write,
Because the words need to flow,
And I need to get it right.
I don't want cliches or abusive words:
I just need to express how I feel,
And get my point across,
Without being abusive or too sentimental.
I just need the words to flow from the pen to the paper,
And not leave a word unspoken, as rhyme follows rhyme,
And emotions and descriptions magically flow,
Creating colours onto a literary canvas,
That blend together and melt into a picture of love,
Or maybe gratitude, or even redemption,
But most of all imagination and description,
That paint many different pictures,
For words are my world,
And I need them to be written,
For I am the master of the pen,
My imagination and words never end,
Because my mind can create different scenarios,
Different brushstrokes,
And turn a blank page into a work of art,
Where lines come from the heart,
And also even come from an angry place,
The heart creates when it has been used,
For anger and hatred can be part of the heart too,
But I will try to let the words move,
From my mind to this blank page,
And hope that what I write,
Will be a classic and will never age.

dannnija 27 September 2019

i love to wrie writing is my favorite subject

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Paula Glynn

Paula Glynn

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