A Bureaucracy Of Tyrants Poem by Julia Luber

A Bureaucracy Of Tyrants

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None shall ever know. Not even Them:
the ones who act so self assured. (with low scaled grunts
and lower hems and ahems.

They do not show what crime they've done.
What they Stole and Ruined and took for Theirs.

From the Purest and most Heavenly SUN.

They took it and gnashed it in their fat teeth.
To slip within their nerves and appetites upon their sheets.

They act themselves so harmless, and respond to no sure word.

They live so shameless in their crimes-only part of what I feared.

They EXHAUST the meaning by it through.

That they think it theirs, it becomes that too.

They work with five or six.
To shuffle up The Fix.

From any individual's love
And any individual's because…..

Instead they wait for BULLETS.
Bullets to spur themselves on.

They want to contemplate themselves to be a deep romantic Heroic Dawn.
Of VICTORY by Ego Clean.

While stealing ever dignity of life that's been.

They do not want to die in pain.
So they wait for BULLETS as their professions' vein…..
In Vanity, obdurately, they act like they've done their work.

With each crime they strengthen themselves - and think of that-
their Enslaved Clerk! Their Criminal Work is their Upfront Clerk.
They wait for bullets for to die without Pain. Committing their
crimes by secret intentional Vein, so as to not die in too much pain.

Friday, June 7, 2019
Topic(s) of this poem: government,political
This is a poem from my saga series, The Afterlach- Territorial Guilt. A family has been driven out of Los Angeles around 2013 while the government bureaucrats sit Fat and Happy and Satisfied with their power, ofttimes criminal….subconsciously trying to provoke a war so as to not die by painful illness but to die by bullets and civil war instead.
Dr Dillip K Swain 14 September 2019

A very powerful work unfolding apparent traits and nudity of government bureaucrats....candidly expressed! I admire the way you pen...........................10

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Julia Luber 14 September 2019

Your astute insight into the temperament and message of my poem is of great value to me…..thank you.

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Sylvia Frances Chan 07 September 2019

WOW! This is a poem of greatest vision, saddest fact you are not the present president. A 10 Full Score and myriad 10´s more, Julia! To be honest I am not good in political affairs. I know this is a poem full of brilliance. Very sad for that family in LA.

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Julia Luber 07 September 2019

This is a most high compliment of my poem. What a charming way of responding. Thank you!

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Edward Kofi Louis 18 August 2019

Bullets! ! ! In vanity they kill. Thanks for sharing this poem with us.

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Julia Luber 07 September 2019

Thank you for sharing a response. Yes, it is vanity! Great word about the problems here.

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A B Faniki 17 August 2019

A poem lace wit vivid image of event n observation that created a picture of tyrant in a poetic way

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Julia Luber 07 September 2019

Thank you for reading. I imagine if one can't get a decent society out of the bureaucrats, at least one can get a " bitter vengeful mocking poem" !

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