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A Buzz

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I broke my personal record for days alive yesterday. Yea me. I feel great today. This morning I swear my hair looked shinier and more lustrous and there's the slightest glow to my skin. I'm just saying. I'm out and about for the first time this semester and you couldn't slap the grin off my face.

The commons dining hall was a rolling buzz of conversations endemic to university life. At the next table, the topic is how many people can someone be in love with at once. A girl named Ariana, is at the center of the discussion. She's a film-study major and I think it's the topic of a documentary she's working on.

Ariana has choppy purple hair with bangs about an-eighth of an inch long. Today, (34° and rainy) she's wearing a short-short skirt, thermal tights that look like sheer leggings and about four tank tops. "You should pick one person and give them your everything." Ariana argued.
"Monogamy used to mean one person for life, " another girl states, "then it became one person at a time." I hide a smile and try to look like I'm not eavesdropping. It's hard to explain how much I adore these overheard conversations.

Soon it's time to head for class and we're up, gathering our bookbags and putting in our AirPods. When you're making your way across campus, the goal is to be fast, fierce and bouncy. I love Miley Cyrus' "Flowers." It's Eden on so many levels. People try to shame Miley but the woman goes hard, she slaps - all the things - and "Flowers" is one of those songs that get you there.

Webster: Endemic: "existing or common in a certain place"
eden = perfect
slaps = is excellent

Monday, January 23, 2023
Topic(s) of this poem: conversation,music,teen,university
Rob Lamberton 23 January 2023

"I broke my personal record for days alive yesterday. " keep up the competition!

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