A Carpet Tale Poem by sylvia spencer

A Carpet Tale

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Oh no not another stain on my carpet so red,
its times like these I wish I was dead.
When I was new I was laid out like a Queen, but
now I am ashamed to be seen.
I was born a carpet, the rich colour of gold but the
state of me now I look fifty years old.
Dinner partys, Grand Children, pets and wine all of
them have marked their place in time. Then what
makes it worse I get scrubbed with a spray,
but trufully that's just rubbing it in, not taking it away.
The foot marks by the door get scrubbed every week
but I wish the mistress would realise that my fibres are
The rug in the centre serves no purpose at all, only to
hide a wine stain that goes wall to wall.
When visitors come round it's the same old routeen a
good scrub with the shampoo, just to look clean.
A steam clean would be better than a soapy shampoo
at least it would prevent me from getting carpet flu.
Sneezing and coughing from Shake and Vac with tiny
particals getting lodged in my back.
I am a sad old carpet no one cares about me not even
the cat when she squats for a wee. Same old place being
scrubbed to death it's a wonder the mistress is not out
of breath.
I know she meens well this mistress of mine if only she
would stop spilling her wine.
Over the years I have changed colour from gold to red,
and that's the end of my tale, there's no more to be said.

Hribhu Dey 11 May 2011

i loved readin ur poem...it's greit plz red my poem INTROSPECTION on page 2 thanks dear

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Duncan Wyllie 30 January 2007

What a great few lines, comparing the carpet to personal feelings, very clever My favourite lines 'Then what makes it worse I get scrubbed with a spray, but trufully that's just rubbing it in, not taking it away. Well done again Sis! take care Love duncan X

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Francesca Johnson 19 January 2007

You have a wonderful way of bringing ordinary, everyday things to life, Sylvie. Thoroughly enjoyed this lively read, laughed a lot as well, and now I am going to be careful with the Shake'n'Vac because I don't want my carpets to end up getting the flu! Love, Fran xxxx

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Sandra Fowler 11 January 2007

What a vivid tale this old carpet has to tell. Cheers for your wonderful imagination. I love it, Sylvia. Always your sister and friend, Sandra

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