A Case Of Domestic Violence Poem by sylvia spencer

A Case Of Domestic Violence

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Her beauty was beyond compare but her heart was full of despair,
she loved her husband and there was no other, but she never knew
he had a secret lover.To her he was the perfect man a father,
a friend and a village fan.They loved him because
he was was full of heart, but none of them
knew this marriage was falling apart. This beautiful
lady with eyes of blue with a love for her husband that was deep
and true, but the violence to her became so strong and she
could never understand what she had done wrong;
she had three children that she loved so dear
but her heart became weary and full of fear.
There was no prospects she had to get away
but she knew he would try to make
her stay. The lies, his love and the passion he gave,
was this to tempt her into an early grave,
so again she gave into all his charm thinking
that he would keep her from harm.
Then one summers day she caught him bang to rights and that
is what turned her days into nights.The day had come where
she had to let go of a man that she did not want to know.
The love for him was buried six foot deep and all she could call
him was a two timing creep.Her life now was at an end but she
was strong, and nothing would stop her taking that final bend.
Kid in a pram and two by her side, life was now going to be one
hell of a ride. To her life could be no worse and she never worried
about the strings of the purse, she was free from a tyrant that she
had loved for years who caused depression, heartache and
nightmare fears.
A life in silence cannot bring back love just do what I did pray
to him above.

Ernestine Northover 12 September 2006

This sounds like an epic novel Sylvia, what a write. You put everything into your poems, the imagery is great. Love Ernestine XXX

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Sandra Fowler 06 September 2006

What an exceptional write, Sylvia! This one came straight from the soul with no hesitation. It is haunting, powerful and beautifully written. Encore! Love from your friend and sister, Sandra

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Geoff Warden 05 September 2006

A very powerful subject......well constructed Sylvia......

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Scarlett Treat 03 September 2006

What a sad, touching story, one which you know so well! I am thankful daily that you escaped the hurt, even at a 'Snail's' pace. Scarlett

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Duncan Wyllie 03 September 2006

This is a very powerful subject and you have displayed it so well, I espeicially enjoyed the last lines, well done Sis Love duncan X

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