A Century Poem by Angelina Pandian

A Century

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Two more days to go
Before it is a month
Since when I wandered
Into this site – The days
I actually visited even less
Than twenty working days!
Did you know!
Today I upload, by count
My hundredth poetry
If I were to take census
Of the collections I’d pushed
Of the Breeze and On Love
It would be crossing more
I did not learn Tally
So excuse me friends,
If I’m not right on statistics
It was a dream which
Wouldn’t have been possible
It was all your drive
The constant encouragement
Which helped me succeed.
It would be false if I said
I wrote all of this at once
Within this short span of time
No, these are my poems
Written over many years
Expressions of my anguish and my pains
Reflections of my dreams and desires
Experiences both bitter and sweet
Anything and everything
Which touched my heart
Or made me stop and think
All these my poems written
Starting from 1983 my college days
And never seen the light of day
Until the day I wandered in
To the haven of poets
This DesiDirectory
A world to which I lay claim
Now for citizenship
A happy place, a paradise
Which helped my soul soar
By giving wings to my dreams
Inspiration of friends
Manna of appreciations
And the support of the site
All have helped me reach
My hundredth poem uploaded today
And this I dedicate to the Hosts and Members
Of this family called Desidirectory.
As long as I have senses five
As long as my heart beats
As long as my mind can think
I shall write poetry!

Surya . 26 July 2009

beautiful and impressive write. thanx for sharing. voted 10 surya

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rago rago 05 July 2009

what a beautiful write.......... my sincere thanks for sharing your poem, , , , , , , , , completing one hundred poem is not a joke......... that too yu have expressed it fully is very interesting.........

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premji premji 17 May 2009

angel, writing 100 poem is a very difficult task.......burning mind and soul to complete a perfect 100...............................

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