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A Change Of Luck

Rating: 4.8

It is said that a four leafed clover
Brings good luck to those that find
In the middle summer I looked all over
For a magic leaf of four… a rare kind

Then one day I discovered a quad-leaf
Inconspicuously growing in the lawn
Good luck would mine… this was my belief
Tomorrow will improve starting at dawn

The next morning I brushed my teeth
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Thad Wilk 06 February 2008

hi Theresa! The four lief clover that you found, brought you luck when you fell down! *10*! Your injury was not severe, because you had this clover near! Friend Thad

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Chloe 30 September 2018

It is a good poem

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Love this. love it love it love it....a real good poem.

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Omar Ali Sabar 08 December 2008

Gobsmacked by this one dear... You have a wonderful way of describing an event and putting thoughtful words to describe it.. 10/10 dear

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Tracker Ogryphon 25 February 2008

Darn Cat. Events do happen daily. This one got your attention. Nice write. Thanks Tracker

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Richard Laroquette 11 February 2008

Could be true, nice work.. Richard

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