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A Candle Burns

Rating: 4.7

A faint breeze stirs
As the storm approaches
An inner flame is sheltered
Behind reassuring walls
Protected from the squall

A lit candle burns…
Not an ordinary candle
But one that can heal
Forming a halo of light

Able to restore sight
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Vinod Kumar 25 July 2009

All the Light Behind we can find out an Aura Balence, actually that is important you showed it here, the lit candle leads the hands with protect to view and the needy places in the darkness and to act as heart says, cool poem.10++

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Julian Thorne 23 November 2011

Candle glows create a perimeter of light A space in which darkness is held at bay A place where Heaven sent gold dwells In the flicker of the light What seems only a wish becomes real Seen for just a moment For just a moment The inner light burns brightly As a flame of the Holy Spirit And in that moment Prayers become miracles and The blind see!

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Mohammad Muzzammil 26 November 2010

A candle that has power to erect in the storm is a nice example of a great man who can change the world. The language of the poem is simple but message is great. Nice poem to be read and appreciated. I like it.

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Aziz Alkaabi 18 September 2009

A band of fragile but sacred light around that candle and divine light source I can envision, reading this. A great poem.

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Nikunj Sharma 14 August 2009

The candle burns deep inside Still sends the glow To you and me and world at large, you know No matter how strong the wind how frail and weak the palms The flame knows only to burn n glow, u know

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Ron Flowers 03 August 2009

Very nice, Thresa. Rather comforting. Ron

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